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Today’s Positive Thought

Change2   Today’s Positive Thought is by Ernest Holmes.

“We may change the trend of causation which has been set in motion at any time we decide to do so.”


Today’s Positive Thought

Gold PersonToday’s Positive Thought is by Dr. Ernest Holmes.

“Every thought sets the fulfillment of its desire in motion in mind, and mind sees the thing as already done!”

Today’s Positive Thougtht

Key   Today’s Positive Thought is by Ernest Holmes.

“We may change the trend of causation which has been set in motion at any time we decide to do so.”

Today’s Positive Thought

Circles   Today’s Positive Thought is by Ernest Holmes.

“Life is for us today.  There will be no change for to-morrow unless we do the changing to-day.  To-day we are setting in motion the power of to-morrow.”

Today’s Positive Thought

   Today’s Positive Thought is by Ernest Holmes.

“We may change the trend of causation, which has been set in motion, at any time we decide to do so.”

“We must first clarify our own vision, then we shall become as lights, lighting the way for others.”

Today’s Positive Thought

   Today’s Positive Thought is by Jay.

I am a success in my own mind.  I see it.  I believe it.  The wheels are set in motion.  This is my new beginning.  Watch out world here I come!!

Thursday Pondering

   Thursday pondering is by Dr. Venice Bloodworth.

“Do not let anything keep your from doing what you resolve to do, for if you tell your subconscious mind you are going to do some one thing, IT IMMEDIATELY SETS VIBRATIONS IN MOTION TO GE THAT THING DONE FOR YOUR, AND IF YOU DO NOT KEEP STEADY AT ONE THING UNTIL IT IS ACCOMPLISHED YOU LITERALLY THROW A MONKEY WRENCH IN YOUR MACHINERY.”

A Bunch Of Words

   A bunch of words together can; stimulate our imagination, take us on a journey that opens our mind to  places of a fantastic reality to be lived, move us to action,  make for a great read, lead us to inspiration and contemplation.  

When one uses their power of decision to move forward, utilizes their thinking and thoughts to grow rich in all the ways one can, one is then treating themselves to life.

Life to live well requires a decisive nature to grow into the fullness and richness of living, then life becomes the long sought after sweet treat that one has been reaching for.  Once this goal is reached, a new tastier treat awaits as the next goal is set.  

Today, look forward to opening a new tasty box of treats, goals, and set the ball in motion. 

Ah, the sweet taste of success!



The past couple of days I have been presented challenges to change my thinking and my perception of “things,” not always a pleasant or easy task.

These challenges have enabled me to alter my perception of the world around me and how I react/act to situations.

Meditation has helped quite a bit in getting realigned. 

In all that we do we have a choice; make it easy or make it more difficult than it needs to be.  I did a bit of latter.  Finally woke up to the fact, I was making it more difficult and harder for myself than it needed to be.  I had to remember to get back to basics and realize I am in charge of; my reactions, my letting people, places or things get the best of me.  Taking back control of my thoughts, beliefs, concepts and perceptions has given me the ability to move forward with some new plans.  As many of you know, last year presented many health challenges for me.  We have closed up the baking business as it is not in my best interest to continue and no doubt a way to point me in a new direction.  I am now mulling over a variety of ideas and directions to follow.  

Challenges give us the opportunity to grow and shine in ways we may never have thought of nor even considered.  For all I have experienced I am grateful.  New doors will open and new opportunities will appear at the right time.

Once we get over the initial shock of the challenge and move through it we are stronger and able to see anew.  We set new goals and find creativity springing from every corner to inspire us and lead us forward to a richer life experience.

Life is in constant motion and rather than stagnate in the old ways I am looking forward to flowing with and into new and exciting adventures in living life.

So, as the saga continues and we share our thoughts and ideas with each other we grow in the light and love that forever surrounds us and lifts us up to new heights and most importantly of all, to a new awareness of self.

Will be writing more this week so stay tuned.


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