Positive Attitudes With A Baking Twist

The Ugly Snowflake

The Ugly Snowflake chldren's book by Micki McHay

Lyrics and Music Written & Performed by Micki McHay on “The Ugly Snowflake” CD

This delightful CD will have your children singing and dancing the Snowflake dance as they delight in being unique and spectacular.

Price: $15.95 plus shipping and handling

There’s a Little Snowflake in all of us.

                                                              The Ugly Snowflake

How intricate, how beautiful, how delicate the patterns and lives of a snowflake, sometimes starting out awkward, clumsy, not knowing where to land.

Like snowflakes, we are each unique and spectacular. We are designed special just like the patterns of a snowflake.

This story and delightful companion CD deals with the anxiety of feeling different. It teaches that each person’s heart is a shining light….Look for it always.

–Micki McHay

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Email: micki@mickimchay.com

We have given this book as gifts. The response from parents and children is overwhelmingly positive.  With the holidays approaching be sure to order this spectacular book early!  Jay

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