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3 Short Articles

What Box?

One of the most important things I learned about success was to be successful one had to think outside the box. Boxes serve a purpose, to keep things in and protect them from damage.

But when we want to be successful it is about thinking outside the box.

What is a box? It is a cardboard container. Back when I was growing up, a few centuries ago, my parents had a new washer delivered, it was in a very large box which became a” spaceship” .  I went to my father’s work- bench and gathered up old switches, lights, anything I could use to create a  control panel.  Kids from the neighborhood joined me in playing ‘spaceship”.  Each of us took turns in the “spaceship” while the kids on the outside jostled the box to simulate flight, etc. We had a great time!

So, what was a box? It was a “spaceship”. A wonder-filled toy which brought out my creativity and we all had a great couple of days playing “spaceship”.

Thinking inside a box is confining, it limits our creativity for success.

Perception is a key to success. Hmmmm?

  “Spaceship” or box?-Jay

Cause & Effect

Learning is about expanding our minds.

Positive Cookie Attitudes™ was begun to help people expand their life experiences into greater success and well-being.

One of the first things I discuss in a lecture and in class situations is cause and effect.  Our thoughts and our words have the power to create.  Throughout the ages it has been taught that what we think and believe, cause, has an outer expression which corresponds exactly to the inner, effect. Hence, the saying, “What you think is what you get.”  Cause and Effect can be found everywhere; which is why it is important for each of us to take stock in our thoughts, words, and concepts, all are causes.

Ralph Waldo Emerson in his, Essay on Compensation, wrote“Cause and effect, means and ends, seed and fruit, cannot be severed; for the effect already blooms in the cause…”

Success is an Effect  – Jay


Secret Recipe?

How in the world does making and baking cookies relate to positive attitudes and life? Well, the quality of the ingredients is very important.  When I bake I use high-end products as it shows in the taste of the cookies. Creativity is a key as well in baking. You start with a basic recipe and can add ingredients to the mix that liven up the cookie and give it a better taste.

Years ago a neighbor gave us her secret recipe chocolate chip cookies…after experimenting with different ingredients, I finally hit on one ingredient that gave a similar taste and  texture. Now, I have my own secret recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

The recipe for living life is not a secret, it has been taught for many years and begins with the quality of our thoughts, beliefs and concepts. Living life is an inside job.  Bake away!

Moving Out…

“Hey, Joe, you got the moving van?”

You and I can read and study all the positive attitude information in the world, yet, if we don’t apply it to our daily living that knowledge won’t do us a darn bit of good.

“Bring the dolly in.  We got stuff to move out.”

 Until you and I decide to move out of our comfort zones life will be what it is. 

“Watch the door!”

I don’t know about you but I get tweaked by a person, place or thing that informs me I’m just too comfortable existing as is.  It is moving out time.  Do I really want to?  Do I have to?  Yes, only if you and I want a better life. 

“Yeow!”  “Sorry about that, mister.”

Due to recent challenges in my life I have been pushing the limits.  “Hey, Joe, careful with the boxes.”  There are days I don’t push but take the time to r & r and/or reflect on what is going on in my life and formulate the ‘what next” move.

“You takin’ that easy chair, mister?”

Moving out of a comfort zone is not always the easiest at times, especially when the ‘what if” thing enters the thought process.

We have to have the “gumption”, as my grandmother would say, to take that initial step forward to move out of the comfort zone and achieve new beginnings.  For me, I find if I have been “on the fence” about stepping forward for a few days, it helps me to sit down with someone I trust and discuss it.

“Time for our coffee break, we’ll be back in 20.”

Life is not just going to drop off the goods into our lap.  We need to step in the direction we want to go to get the ball rolling.

Take time to consider and contemplate the next moving out step.  This is important to do.

Honor yourself by living life to the best of your abilities and life will honor you in kind.

I believe in you and your abilities to move forward.  Jay

“Hey, mister, you decide if you’re takin’ that easy chair or not?”   

Determination, A Key To Success

Achieving success at any level requires the determination to succeed.

One cannot merely give lip service to success.  Be determined and positive about achieving success.

I have two particular goals; one is a short goal and the other a medium range goal.  The obvious goal is for this blog to make it around the world and be of help to those reading it.  Included in this goal is; traveling to lecture and teach PCA and to write for a variety of papers and magazines.  The second goal concerns the success of a business with which we are associated.

Without determination success will not appear.  Success is not handed to us on a silver platter nor does the world owe us a living.  It is up to us to take the steps necessary to better our lives.

How am I going to achieve my goals?  By working towards them with determination, recognizing opportunities that are presented and having a deep and positive belief about my success.  I use this affirmation daily, “I am led to the right people, places and things at the right time for my success.”

Remember, success is not just about you.  Success also includes and benefits the people who touch your life. 

As you move up the ladder of success, be a mentor to those who have a desire and determination to get ahead.  What you do for others will in some way, shape or form appear in your life.

Determination is a key to success.  If I wasn’t determined about a new cookie or muffin recipe the ingredients would remain on the shelf and nothing new would be created.  You can create a new recipe for your life.

The recipe for success includes, in part, a positive belief in you and your abilities, determination and being steadfast in the belief, that, that which I can conceive of, confidently believe in, I can achieve.

Life is what we make it.  Make yours the one you desire to experience that will better you and the world around you.

You were and are created for success! – Jay

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