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Today’s Positive Thought

Today’s Positive Thought is one to ponder and reflect on.  It is by Dr. Ernest Holmes.

“Life is a mirror peopled with the forms of your own acceptance.”

“How careful, then, you should be to guard your thoughts, not only seeing to it that you keep them from doubt and fear–accepting only the good–but equally, you should consciously repel every thought that denies that good.”

“Say, I know that my word penetrates any unbelief in my mind, casts out fear, removes doubt, clears away obstacles, permitting that which is enduring, perfect, and true to be realized.”

I am grateful for my success, prosperity and abundance in living my life.

Today’s Positive Thought

Today’s Positive Thought,

 One of my favorite quotes is by Florence Scovil Shinn from her book, The Game Of Life And How To Play It.  She was an author from the early 20th century and very insightful.

“Man must prepare for the thing he has asked for when there isn’t the slightest sign of it in sight.” 

Visualize what you desire as in your life now.  See yourself enjoying it down to the smallest detail.  Accept it as in your life now and never doubt it. Remember, the seen comes from the unseen; from invisible cause, thought, to the material, effect.

I rejoice and am thankful for my success in life and living.

What Can I Have?

What can I have?  What would you like?

Dr. Joseph Murphy, in his book Your Infinite Power To Be Rich, wrote, “Man’s great folly is in not realizing the true riches within himself and in looking upon external products, possessions, and conditions as being the true riches instead of the creative power of his own mind.”

Often we let outside conditions control us.  In letting outside conditions be in control we may experience stress, worry, and chaos in our life. Taking control of our thoughts and reactions to the world around us initiates new causations in our life.   By taking control of the inner and creating new and uplifting positive thoughts, beliefs and concepts we can change our life direction. Each of us are worthy of the highest and best life has to offer!  We are unlimited in our ability to do and to be. We were not created to merely exist but to live life fully, joyously, prosperously and successfully.   

Dr. Murphy goes on to say, “Begin now to clearly realize that the creative power within you is unlimited; then there is no reason whatsoever for limiting the extent to which you may enjoy and experience what you can create by means of this power.”

Begin to identify with that which you desire in your life.  Visualize that specific good and accept it as being in your life now. Identify with your innermost desire(s). 

 How we identify ourselves is extremely important.  What do we associate ourselves with lack and limitation, or Abundance, Success and Prosperity?  The choice is ours.

 Now is the time to give thanks for what you have, and for the appearance of that which you have claimed and accepted into your life.  

You and I are creative and unique expressions of life.  Each of us has our own talents and abilities.  By expanding on our talents and abilities we become more successful individuals in living life.  Being thankful and grateful assures the continued flow of all types of good into our life.

To quote Dr. Murphy, “The first principle in the art of becoming rich is to realize that thought is the only intangible power which can produce tangible riches…”

What Can I Have? It is your choice.

Today’s Positive Thought

Today’s Positive Thought is by Dr. Ernest Holmes.

“Whatsoever things are good, lovely, and true, these things I think upon, these thoughts I entertain in my mind.  Deep within me there is a feeling nature that reaches up and out and grasps the full significance of the consciousness of good for myself and others.”

I am grateful for my successful living experiences.

Today’s Positive Thought

I experience life with joy and vitality. I am filled with the purposeful power of success and am grateful for my success in living life.

I am grateful for my prosperity and success.

Today’s Positive Thought

I am thankful for my unlimited abilities to experience life fully and completely here and now. 

I am an unlimited successful individual.

Today’s Positive Thought

Today’s Positive Thought is a quick thought.

I live my life with purpose and dynamically embark on a new ways of living and thinking and am prospered in all areas of my life. 

I am thankful for my success.

Thanksgiving Thought

Happy Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving Thought I want to share with you is by Dr. Joseph Murphy from his book, Your Infinite Power To Be Rich.

I know that my good exists this very moment…I enthrone the concept of peace, success, and prosperity in my mind now.  I know and believe these thoughts will grow and manifest themselves in my experience.  I am the gardener; as I sow, so shall I reap…”

I am thankful for my rich harvest and for sharing this wonderful and glorious harvest with the world around me. I am grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving


I am thankful for you and your success!

Let us give thanks for all the good that is in our life and the lives of those around us.

Happy Thanksgiving,


Today’s Positive Thought

Today’s Positive Thought is from J. Sig Paulson’s book, Living With Purpose.

“I praise and give thanks for my growing consciousness of life as it dissolves any restrictions I have placed on it.”

I am thankful for my increased prosperity and abundance and my freedom from limitation.

I Celebrate Life With Joy And Thanks-Giving.

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