Positive Attitudes With A Baking Twist


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To begin:   Making The Idea Come True and The Naked Truth

Making The Idea Come True

The beginning of any creative process is the idea.  Formulating the idea into a course of action involves our willingness to put it into action.  It necessitates taking the initial steps to bring it to fruition; we can call it leg work both mental and physical.

If we are diligent about making said idea a reality, then, it behooves us to plot it out.  For me this plotting flows from the mind to the pen and paper.  In my mind’s eye I see a completed project before it is done and know while I’m in process I meet the right people at the right place and right time to have this idea appear in my life.  Each of us has our own process to plot our course of action and as we do, we see it completed.

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to meditate, quiet our mind, relax, see ourselves with the completed idea/project, the success, prosperity, and all that is associated with it, accept it as already done and above all, be thankful for the attainment of said goal/idea.

Ideas are fluidic just as our thoughts are fluidic in nature both are directly influenced by our beliefs, concepts and attitudes.

Ideas do not present themselves to you willy-nilly; they are presented to you because of your talents and abilities to bring them forth, to bring them into fruition for all to see.

We are an individualized channel for Life to express through and when we recognize and accept that Life desires only the best for us and act upon that truth we then climb the ladder to whatever type of success and prosperity we desire. 

We are never given an idea that we cannot act upon.  All is for the taking and the taking is first mental and in this taking we are reassured that all falls into place for the successful outcome of said idea.

You and I are really an expression of a Life that only wants us to share in the wealth of being and what we are being is up to us—so why not concede to Life and be wealthy in all aspects of our experience.  The only one to stop us is us.  Let us then move ourselves out of the way of the divine circuit and move forward to a new life of success, of health, of wealth, money, joy and happiness. These qualities express as life differences particular to the individual, and when we follow our lead, idea, with our intuition, imagination, creativity and diligence it, the idea, begins to take form and is so indicated in the world around us ensuing our successful completion of our goal/idea.

Life gives us of Itself, so let us use these ideas wisely to accomplish that for which we were created.  Follow your idea to completion with determination and steadfastness.

You are the power behind your words and works so speak your words as one with power and authority and empower your works with your positive feeling nature then watch as your life and experiences change for the better.


The following article is based on  conversations between students after a class.

The Naked Truth 

The naked truth is, you are not your body.  Huh?  Yes, I know that this is a strange concept to some but the body is only a vehicle for you, the real you, to live and experience this plane of time and space.

Have you noticed that we are energy?  Electrifying isn’t it?  When we, our physical body, are connected to an EKG or EEG machine, they record our electric impulses/energy as lines on a graph.  When a cadaver is similarly connected, no electric impulses, no energy or electric flow, the reading is a straight line. 

Everything, including us, is made up of energy, vibrating at different rates of speed.

If as some believe our soul is energy and our body resonates to its vibration the possibilities expand exponentially to what we can achieve in living our life.  But there is a huge caveat that goes along with this—the soul energy vibrates at a level of perfection but the flow of this energy through our body is regulated by our thoughts, concepts and beliefs.  In a negative state of mind coupled with a belief in duality the flow of this perfect vibration is blocked, inhibited, from performing at its peak to keep us healthy and experiencing a life of greater power and well-being.  It is in overcoming the negative and duality belief as much as possible that life truly becomes more exciting in exact accord to our new state of awareness.

The ancients have taught the power of and in vibration. Today sound technology can be used; to produce beautiful lilting tunes, or destroy by finding the vibration frequency which can shatter an object and everything else in between. 

If we suppose that the big bang theory is a plausible explanation of the creation of the universe the question is, “Who or What created the particles and collision to form the worlds?”  Personally, I subscribe to the belief that there is a great something that will never be known but is the Power back of the Power of Creation, an invisible, indestructible energy that Is.  It has been called The All and The No-Thing from which all flows and has endowed all of It’s creations with part of Itself-energy.  Here we have a divine Macrocosm and microcosm.  Out of one, many.  This means we are not only interconnected with each other on that invisible soul level but are also connected to all that is seen and unseen—look up the string theory.

We are not our body; we are the individualization of The Life Energy Itself, The All and The No-thing.  We never die, the body is shed, but we continue to live—I speak from experience on this topic.  That which you are exists forever; your life energy can never be destroyed or die, it is an impossibility

Since we are capable of being what we desire to be it is time to quit the repetition of what we are not or do not desire to be and focus our thoughts on what we are.  When we realize and accept what we are the more we will see our life change in small to large ways.

Inhibiting the flow of this energy and misdirecting it has created enough problems in our life.  This is not what we are here for—enough strife and misery—time to step up to the plate and begin to take charge of our thoughts and the direction we are going in.  If we throw our hands up in defeat and surrender to the stormy seas of life we will not survive the storm but be tossed about, battered and bruised, wondering why our life is so miserable and forsaken.

When you look in the mirror look behind your eyes and see the glorious, vibrant you that has the power and authority over your life and life direction; take the first step, recognize and accept it, then follow the intuitive lead that the inner power gives you.  The road to being is in front of you and beckoning you on this journey of discovery.


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  1. mmm… the concept of a belief in duality is… very, very interesting… if i understand… it… correctly… it is based on opposites… god/satan yin/yang etc. i am of the opinion… the positive higher vibration… also known as… god, buddha, jehovah, etc. is… only… good… he does not punish… ever… i think… the belief in duality is purely the ego of man… it is… a man made ‘god law’… something man needs… to avoid… accepting… responsiblity for all that is… negative… in this world… man has created… the negative… but… he has deflected… responsibility by saying… it is needed… to create… balance in this world… many, many people have been duped… just… my humble opinion/belief

    • I like your thinking. If you can locate a copy of High Mysticism, by Emma Curtis Hopkins, I believe you will find it interesting. You will need to read it with a dictionary as the verbage in the 1800’s was a bit different as is the way we use certain words. Thanks for commenting. It is appreciated. Jay

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