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Being Grateful

This short piece was written by my friend Travis De Luca.

Now that we have entered the Lenten Season, let us be grateful for 40 days for all that is in our life and for our successes in our chosen career(s). 
Let us be grateful for all the people in our lives. Let us be grateful for being divinely led to the right people, places and things at the right for our mutual benefit and good. Let us be grateful for our life and our well-being.
A couple of examples:
I am grateful for being led to the right roles for me to showcase my talents and abilities . 
I am grateful for all the connections I have and do continue to make in this business of acting.
I am grateful for my financial success and well-being. 
Overall, I am grateful for all who have entered my life and for those that have left my life to go on to their greater good as have I.

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