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Today’s Positive Thought

Man Golden Key   Today’s Positive Thought is by Jay.

That which you are looking for is also looking for you.  Open the doorway of your mind and welcome it in.



Today’s Positive Thought

  Today’s Positive Thought is by Phil Jackson.

“Always keep an open mind and compassionate heart.”

A Bunch Of Words

   A bunch of words together can; stimulate our imagination, take us on a journey that opens our mind to  places of a fantastic reality to be lived, move us to action,  make for a great read, lead us to inspiration and contemplation.  

When one uses their power of decision to move forward, utilizes their thinking and thoughts to grow rich in all the ways one can, one is then treating themselves to life.

Life to live well requires a decisive nature to grow into the fullness and richness of living, then life becomes the long sought after sweet treat that one has been reaching for.  Once this goal is reached, a new tastier treat awaits as the next goal is set.  

Today, look forward to opening a new tasty box of treats, goals, and set the ball in motion. 

Ah, the sweet taste of success!


What About Me?

   What about me?  The “me” is a wonderful creation; it is filled with a variety of surprises.  The me gives direction to life and truly understands that me is created in freedom, not in bondage for the Big Me that created me would never have created me to be in bondage but in freedom to self-discover, to find that secret information that is hidden in the wide open spaces of my soul, that me is unlimited to do and to be.  To think the Big Me would create me in bondage to lack and limitation is to dishonor It.

So, what is me capable of?  Well, me is fully capable of sustaining a life of beauty, of harvesting the highest and best that life and this world has to offer.  Me is a creative genius that is able to think and have that thought come into existence from the unseen to the seen.  The me is; prosperous, successful, healthy, wealthy, wise, and oh so much more.

The me being is not merely made of flesh and blood but is a wondrous individualized expression of the Big Me.  Me is not only capable of thinking grand thoughts but is imbued with the power and ability to bring them forth as a me life experience.  

Me is a gorgeous, beautiful, joyous celebration of the Big Me that has endowed me with the power and ability to express life in all Its glory and radiance.

The Law of the Big Me permeates the seen and unseen and follows the ancient dictate,” as within, so without.”

The real me is a mystical creation of light and love and it is the me challenge to recognize it, accept it, and use it to the best of my me capability to live a life of; well-being, freedom, self-awareness and self-discovery.

Lack and limitation are but borders which are temporary and change as easily as the me changes me thought.  No-thing is difficult or hard to accomplish unless the me deems it so.  All is within the me purview to change and enhance for life will always be what the me believes it to be.

Today, let me be all me can be and be with a joyous heart, open mind and an awareness of this deep and abiding power that lies within.

What about me?  Me is a wonderful creation that I celebrate every moment of every day.


Money & More

   Today’s positive thought by Dr. Venice Bloodworth concerns the ways that our good; wealth, prosperity, success, money and more can appear in our life.  


 Dr. Bloodworth  is referring to leaving all avenues open to receive our greater good in whatever form we are currently looking for/desire. 

It is about not limiting the avenues our supply of any particular thing can enter into our lives.  Not just money but success and prosperity in all their various forms.  There are many avenues to living and having a better life.  When we  believe there is only one way to better living we effectively cut off any other way  for us to accomplish our goals/desires.  There is always more than one way to achieve our end result and it may not be the way we currently think or believe it has to be.

Always keep your options open, keep an open mind to new and perhaps different ways of  successful living and achieving the end result.    Sometimes you never know what will catch your attention and lead you on a new path of discovery and awareness…perhaps even an avenue you never considered before.

Life is filled with surprises and so is the road to success and well-being.  Keep the doorway to successful living  and well-being open; and if you need to venture onto a new pathway to see where it leads keep your eyes, ears and mind open for new opportunities and ideas. 

 Enjoy the day and prosper in all your ways.  Jay


   Well, Monday is upon us and it is off to another week of success in a variety of areas of our life.

Let us keep an open mind, a positive attitude, and prosperous demeanor for a week beyond compare. 

Continued Success to you in all your dealings this week.

My Best,


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