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Today’s Positive Thought

Celebrate YouToday’s Positive Thought is by Joseph Campbell.

“People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life.  I don’ think that’s what we’re really seeking.  I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive.”


Goal 4   An FYI is by Ernest Holmes. 

It is a good reminder for us when we feel “iffy” about us and going for our goals.

“Never let anything cause you to doubt your ability…”

Today’s Positive Thought

Zen   Today’s Positive Thought is by Ernest Holmes.

“The idea is father to the fact.  Ideas are real, having the power within themselves to be made manifest.”

Memorial Day

Vet Day 2   Today, in the U.S., we celebrate Memorial Day, a day to remember and recognize all who have served in the armed forces and given their lives.

Wherever you are in the world take a moment and give thanks for all those who served and are serving in the armed forces.  

To my family members, friends who served here, in Canada or the U.K., my heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

As always; to the WWII, Korean War, and Viet Nam vets I worked with as a volunteer in a VA hospital, THANK YOU, you will never be forgotten.  To Carl, hope you and yours are well and enjoying life.


Today’s Positive Thought

Fireworks 1   Today’s Positive Thought is by Jean Houston.

We all have the “extraordinary” coded within us, waiting to be released.

Today’s Positive Thought

Garden   Today’s Positive Thought is by Thich Nhat Hanh.

“As we cultivate peace and happiness in ourselves, we also nourish peace and happiness in those we love.”

Today Positive Thought

Clay   Today’s Positive Thought is by Emmet Fox.

“You must build a new pattern or mental equivalent for the things you want, and then they will come into your life.”

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