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Today’s Positive Thought

Book 2   Today’s Positive Thought.  I want to share short quotes on life with you today.  Jay

“Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us.”  Thomas Browne

“Life is a series of surprises, and would not be worth taking or keeping if it were not.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The great use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it.”  William James

“May you live all the days of your life.”  Jonathan Swift

“Life truly lived is a risky business, and if one puts up too many fences against risk one ends by shutting down life itself.”   Kenneth S. Davis

Today’s Positive Thought

Gold Key

Today’s Positive Thought is by Emmet Fox.

“The world will take you at your own valuation.  Your body will take you at your own valuation.  Your business will take you at your own vaulation; for your own value is the value that you really put upon yourself.”

Business Strategy

   I have been listening to a business strategy meeting that is filled with confusion.

Where did this confusion come from?  From being scattered, loss of focus of the goal/end result, not listening to their intuition and just plain not listening to each other. 

What amazed me is, these are well-educated business people who have lost focus and are in the midst of a mental maze that is going nowhere fast, entering the never-ending circle of confusion. 

Should we find ourselves in this type of situation we need to step back, take a couple of deep breaths, clear our heads and proceed with focus, clarity of thought and listen.  At times, easier said than done.  

 Three points to remember:

1.  Have clarity in your thinking before entering the meeting.  

     Being clear in our thinking and level-headed is a big plus in our favor when at a strategy meeting.

2. Focus on the goal(s), the end result. 

      When we are focused and open to new ideas and ways of achieving the goal(s), flexibility, there is an order in our             thought process which allows us a clarity to move forward in a more succinct manner.

 3.  Listen.  The key to achieving a goal in a group is listening!   

       Everyone likes to share their ideas on how to achieve the end result.  Listen to the ideas being shared and see if they are viable as is or in need of modification to achieve a successful result. 

      Many have found listening to their intuition in such matters has reaped great rewards.

Continued Success In All Your Endeavors.


R U Busy?

   R U Busy?

Recently I was sent a newspaper article concerning being busy and minimal or no time to relax and recharge.  How sad many create such tight schedules there is barely, if any, room to breathe in the Manna of Life.  Life is not about being busy but about busy living life.  Do not confuse the two.

How many people do you know who have created such tight schedules you can’t even get together to chat over a cup of coffee. 

I remember talking with fellow business travelers, on a long flight, that were constantly on their laptops and that it was expected of them by their companies.  When the plane landed they dashed off to a meeting—it amazes me how anyone can be at the top of their game if there is no rest and recharging break.

It is one thing to be busy and another to ignore one’s well-being.  The pressure and stress I see today that is self-imposed stuns me, especially when it precludes taking care of self and/or family. 

When the drive to succeed outweighs living and being part of life at the cost of family, friends and enjoyment the success gained is empty, a deep and lonely chasm of regrets.

Success to be well-rounded and gratifying necessitates striking a balance, albeit the scales dip back and forth and some sacrifices are made, one has to allow time for R&R.

It is never too late to change the course one is traveling to achieve a balance in living a successful and happy life while reaping all the rewards in the process.

The all consuming work and no play takes a toll on the body, mind and spirit.  Each time one burns out the longer it takes to mend.

So, take time to consider a balance between your professional and personal life if your desire is to savor the benefits of both.  

What price success?  Your choice.


Today’s Positive Thought

   Today’s Positive Thought is by Napoleon Hill from his book, Thinnk & Grow Rich.

“The imagination is literally the workshop wherein are fashioned all plans created by man.  The impulse, the desire, is given shape, form, and action through the aid of the imagninative faculty of the mind.’

“The great leaders of business, industry, finance, and the great artists, musicians, poets, and writers became great, because they developed the faculty of creative imagination.”


The past couple of days I have been presented challenges to change my thinking and my perception of “things,” not always a pleasant or easy task.

These challenges have enabled me to alter my perception of the world around me and how I react/act to situations.

Meditation has helped quite a bit in getting realigned. 

In all that we do we have a choice; make it easy or make it more difficult than it needs to be.  I did a bit of latter.  Finally woke up to the fact, I was making it more difficult and harder for myself than it needed to be.  I had to remember to get back to basics and realize I am in charge of; my reactions, my letting people, places or things get the best of me.  Taking back control of my thoughts, beliefs, concepts and perceptions has given me the ability to move forward with some new plans.  As many of you know, last year presented many health challenges for me.  We have closed up the baking business as it is not in my best interest to continue and no doubt a way to point me in a new direction.  I am now mulling over a variety of ideas and directions to follow.  

Challenges give us the opportunity to grow and shine in ways we may never have thought of nor even considered.  For all I have experienced I am grateful.  New doors will open and new opportunities will appear at the right time.

Once we get over the initial shock of the challenge and move through it we are stronger and able to see anew.  We set new goals and find creativity springing from every corner to inspire us and lead us forward to a richer life experience.

Life is in constant motion and rather than stagnate in the old ways I am looking forward to flowing with and into new and exciting adventures in living life.

So, as the saga continues and we share our thoughts and ideas with each other we grow in the light and love that forever surrounds us and lifts us up to new heights and most importantly of all, to a new awareness of self.

Will be writing more this week so stay tuned.


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