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One Of Those Days

 I am quite positive I’m having “one of those days.”  You know the kind where your mind and body agree to take a break together. It is one of those days where I need a break from my daily routine and regroup for my benefit.

There was a time I’d feel guilty about, “one of those days.”  Not anymore.  I found that they are actually very productive for me.  It is a day without the pressure of the daily grind.  My mind is free to wander and I get some pretty good ideas to work on in the days to follow. 

When I relax and let my mind rest, I am refreshed by taking a step back and declaring the past days, Good, not matter how unique they were.  Why? I learned at least one thing each day. So, yeah, it is all good. 

This is the pause that refreshes and recharges my mental batteries.  It is a great day.

Now, as to my attitude.  Well, it has been mostly neutral with a chance of positivity moving in later in the day.  I tried, well, really forced myself to sit down and write which was met with less than favorable results. My solution was to get some air.  Upon my return creativity popped up and here I am jotting down my thoughts.

Having “one of those days” is a good thing.  We all need a break and pause in the daily routine so that we can recharge; mentally, emotionally and physically.  It gives us time to reflect, to set new goals for the coming days and change things up for the better.  Yep.  It is a good thing.

Having a positive attitude means taking care of our own well-being so that we may move forward unencumbered of past stuff.  It allows us to see new ways to achieve and even believe in ourselves more than before, an important part and perk of this type of r & r.

You have the unlimited potential to be.

If you are having a really bad day take time to regroup, recharge, reflect and go forward with an attitude of positivity and success.

Your cookie awaits you!

The World Is Your Cookie. Create It!™

Would you like milk with that??  Jay

Key To The Car

“Are you the winner of a new 2011 Chevy Impala?” asked the salesman as he sat down at the table.  We received a promo piece of mail with a car key attached.  Oh darn, we didn’t with the car!

Unlike the random chance to win a new Chevy each of us have the key to our Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.  The key is within us.  Remember the old adage: Conceive It, Believe It, and Achieve It.

I would like to share an abbreviated true story about a gentleman winning a raffle for a new car.  He brought only one ticket.  Each day he went down to the dealership, sat in the car, visualized himself driving all around town, etc.  In essence, claiming the car as his.  On the day of the drawing he won the car.

Moving forward requires active work on our part.  We must be able to conceive the idea, truly believe and accept it as the truth of our being and claim the idea/belief as in our life now.  This entails doing the required footwork.

Our mind is like fertile soil, rich in all the nutrients to bring forth the thought which has been planted in it.  Our thoughts are seeds which take root and become evident in our life.

Sometimes our beliefs about certain areas of our life need to be relegated to the junkyard.  Trade in the old worn out jalopy for a new car to drive us to success. Time to plant new thoughts and see them fruit.

Is there trepidation in change? Yes.  Been there, experienced it, unsure of my abilities, did a little scream in my head of, “Oh my God, what did I get myself into?”  Took the first step, a bit shaky but each step forward I became more assured of my abilities to move into success.

It is in the challenge that we find answers.  Challenges offer us opportunities to be creative, to grow and to learn.  It is learning about ourselves that propels us forward.  As we come to understand the relation between thought and experience the greater our ability to live a better life.

The key to the Rolls is yours.  You are worthy of the highest and the best. Accept it.  You are a winner.

Do remeber, that which I can conceive of, confidently believe in, I can acheive.

 I believe in you and your abilities to succeed.–Jay   

Using Your Mind Power

The most powerful tool you have at your disposal is your mind.  It is the thinking place where you set the parameters of living your life.

Our thoughts, words and beliefs are powerful.  They are the impetus which create our daily life experiences.  There is an old saying, “What you think is what you get.”   A very simple definition of cause and effect.

In baking,  I enter the kitchen with a positive attitude knowing all will turn out well and very delicious.  When experimenting with a new recipe I approach it as a great learning experience, however the baked good turns out.  Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to toss cookies and muffins in the trash because the recipe didn’t have the desired result that I wanted to achieve.  Give up?  Never!  I was spurred on to challenge myself to create a perfect “goodie”.  

It is our attitude in approaching a challenging situation that influences how it will turn out.  The choice to act or react is ours alone.  For example, when I was working in a restaurant there was a woman I worked with that was just mean and miserable.  Every day I smiled and said, “Hello.”  I was never mean,  just nice.  One day she asked if we could talk after work.  We sat down at a table and over a cup of coffee she asked me why I was so nice to her when she was not nice to me, or anyone else.  I replied, “What good would it had done if I was mean or nasty? I figured you were a going a rough patch and the least I could do was be nice.”  Tears welled up in eyes and she said, “Thank you.”  After that we would sit and talk over coffee after work or on breaks. 

Being willing to learn and change the way we think, believe about and perceive a situation or person is a step to success.  How we think, believe and perceive plays an important role in our interactions with others and those challenges life can present to us.

Life is filled with opportunities for success.

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