Positive Attitudes With A Baking Twist

Back From The Dead

As we move through life we have challenges which appear at various times and in varying degrees. How we act and react to these challenges, especially those that seem insurmountable, is very important for our growth into success.  Action, reaction; cause and effect are present every moment of every day.  It is in responding to these bumps in the road which carries us forward to greater success in living life.

When I encountered the end of my life due to full respiratory arrest and being revived, it appeared that my recovery was less than hopeful–fooled them!

Upon returning home there were a variety of “things” that worried me.  Things such as, would I: regain my memory, be able to write, speak and teach on topics of positive attitudes with the same ease as prior to this incident, etc.  Not only was this challenging, it was extremely upsetting and frustrating as I stammered and paused to find words, which came easily to me before this incident.  Over a period of three months I regained a majority of those abilities I feared I had lost with the help of my wife and very dear and close friends.  During this three month period I had to have surgery and am still in the recovery process.

My response to this non-elective surgery was, “Ok, I can deal with this event.  I died and was revived and recovering well.  No problem.”  There was no, “Why me?”

The three plus months of recovery from the respiratory arrest have been, to put it nicely, “unique.”  The emotional ups and downs early on, moving through and conquering other “things” which appeared have allowed me the opportunity to grow in ways I could never imagine.  As a side note, my belief in a power greater than myself helped a great deal in my recovery.

Having to create a positive from a negative is not always the easiest thing to do.  One must be persistent and allow themselves to feel those negatives and fears, making it okay to experience them and move on.

It is always one step at a time.  Sometimes a step or two backwards.  It is important to persist in the move forward.  At times it was, and still is, tough for me.  I have shed my share of tears.

Now, you may ask, “How in the world does this relate to making and baking cookies?”  Well, it is like perfecting a new recipe and making it your own, trial and error.  Sometimes you shed a tear or two during the process.  Always be willing to try another version, again!

Giving up is not an option for me in the kitchen and it sure as hades is not an option in living my life.  Setbacks, obstacles and the like challenge us to think and act creatively to conquer those situations for our success.

Life is for living, not bemoaning it.

Your life and my life is what we make it.  It is always a work in progress.

Take Time To Enjoy Living Life,


Comments on: "Back From The Dead" (6)

  1. Nice, I like the way you write!

  2. Beautiful story, and I love the baking/cooking analogy. 🙂

  3. “Your life and my life is what we make it. It is always a work in progress.”

    Beautifully said. Love your blog. I am glad I found it 🙂

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