Positive Attitudes With A Baking Twist

Being Grateful

This short piece was written by my friend Travis De Luca.

Now that we have entered the Lenten Season, let us be grateful for 40 days for all that is in our life and for our successes in our chosen career(s). 
Let us be grateful for all the people in our lives. Let us be grateful for being divinely led to the right people, places and things at the right for our mutual benefit and good. Let us be grateful for our life and our well-being.
A couple of examples:
I am grateful for being led to the right roles for me to showcase my talents and abilities . 
I am grateful for all the connections I have and do continue to make in this business of acting.
I am grateful for my financial success and well-being. 
Overall, I am grateful for all who have entered my life and for those that have left my life to go on to their greater good as have I.

Hello and Welcome To 2016

Plan   Hi All,

I have had to take a long hiatus from many things since I last posted.  Life is interesting and the unexpected can be a variety of unique experiences. So, let us get on with the show.

2016 is upon us and we are in the midst of setting our goals and sights on where we want to go and experience over the next 12 months.

Keep focused on your goals and believe in yourself most of all!

Clean up the self-talk that denigrates you.

Change the negative thoughts, beliefs  and concepts to the positive.  No more, “poor me”, or anyother form of it. 

You are worthy of the highest and the best life has to offer, never forget it!!  Tell yourself every day, “I am worthy of the highest and best life has to offer and I accept the highest and best into my life, here and now!!”

Know that you are; gudied to the right people, places and things at the right time and they to you for your mutual benefit. 

Life knows no bounds. So don’t limit yourself in your thinking and believing or buy into unworthiness, etc.

Continued success in living life and reaching your goals, always remembering that flexibility and changing the goals when necessary is important in moving forward in life. 

All My Best, Until Next Time!


Gold Person  Today’s Positive Thought is by, Napoleon Hill and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

“Do the thing and you shall have the power” was the admonition of Emerson, to this day our greatest philosopher.

That is literally true!  Practice makes perfect.  The better you do your work, the more adept you become at doing it, and this, in time, will lead to such perfection that you will have but few, if any, equals in your field of endeavor.

Tday Flwrs   You are as the bud of a flower awaiting your time to bloom.  Bask in the Light and bloom into the vibrant, colorful and beautiful expression of life that you are.  Your time is here and it is now.

Today’s Positive Thought is by, Jay.

My World   Today’s Positive Thought is by Jay.

Life is too short to be stuck in limited thinking and believing.  Why not let your imagination run wild and deliever to you new and vital ideas to pursue.  Can’t hurt and you’ll never say to yourself, “If only…”

Dare To Imagine, Dare To Dream, Dare To Set New Goals and Venture into new ways of being and living a more interesting and successful life.  What the heck?  It is worth your trying.

Have a fantastic weekend!!



Hurdle Today’s Positive Thought is by, Jay.

You have been given the gift of inspiration; take hold of it and let it move you forward to greater living and success. 

Reach For The Stars   Today’s Positive Thought is by, James Allen.

“The will to do springs from the knowledge that we can do.”

Calm   Today’s Positive Thought is by, Ernest Holmes.

“We should let go of our mistakes and remember them no longer against ourselves.”


Plan   Today’s Positive Thought is by Jay.

Some keys to your success.

  • Participate fully in living life.
  • Be kind to others, random acts of kindness.
  • Practice what you believe.
  • Mentor others when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Let go of anger and upset, they impede the flow of success into your life.
  • Never let anyone or thing dissuade you from moving forward to the accomplishment of your goals/dreams/desires.
  • Be kind to yourself!



Today’s Positive Thought is by, Jay.

What we say we believe may be different than our point of focus.  What we focus on is what we believe and experience. 

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