Positive Attitudes With A Baking Twist

What Can I Have?

What can I have?  What would you like?

Dr. Joseph Murphy, in his book Your Infinite Power To Be Rich, wrote, “Man’s great folly is in not realizing the true riches within himself and in looking upon external products, possessions, and conditions as being the true riches instead of the creative power of his own mind.”

Often we let outside conditions control us.  In letting outside conditions be in control we may experience stress, worry, and chaos in our life. Taking control of our thoughts and reactions to the world around us initiates new causations in our life.   By taking control of the inner and creating new and uplifting positive thoughts, beliefs and concepts we can change our life direction. Each of us are worthy of the highest and best life has to offer!  We are unlimited in our ability to do and to be. We were not created to merely exist but to live life fully, joyously, prosperously and successfully.   

Dr. Murphy goes on to say, “Begin now to clearly realize that the creative power within you is unlimited; then there is no reason whatsoever for limiting the extent to which you may enjoy and experience what you can create by means of this power.”

Begin to identify with that which you desire in your life.  Visualize that specific good and accept it as being in your life now. Identify with your innermost desire(s). 

 How we identify ourselves is extremely important.  What do we associate ourselves with lack and limitation, or Abundance, Success and Prosperity?  The choice is ours.

 Now is the time to give thanks for what you have, and for the appearance of that which you have claimed and accepted into your life.  

You and I are creative and unique expressions of life.  Each of us has our own talents and abilities.  By expanding on our talents and abilities we become more successful individuals in living life.  Being thankful and grateful assures the continued flow of all types of good into our life.

To quote Dr. Murphy, “The first principle in the art of becoming rich is to realize that thought is the only intangible power which can produce tangible riches…”

What Can I Have? It is your choice.

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