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Today’s Positive Thought

Treasure Chest  2   Today’s Positive Thought is by Emmet Fox.

“Nature always takes you at your own valuation.”

Value yourself as the wonderful individual you are and know you are priceless and worthy of the highest and best life has to offer.

You are a treasured and valued individual.  Jay

Today’s Positive Thought

Gold Key

Today’s Positive Thought is by Emmet Fox.

“The world will take you at your own valuation.  Your body will take you at your own valuation.  Your business will take you at your own vaulation; for your own value is the value that you really put upon yourself.”

Quite Contrary

There is a child’s rhyme which poses a question to a young lass, by the name of Mary, who apparently is quite contrary, how does her garden grow?  

Well, how does our garden grow? 

We all know when left unattended gardens and flower beds fill with weeds which overtake and choke the life and beauty out of the gardens and flower beds.

I remember my aunt weeding her flower beds every weekend.  The flowers were always beautiful and colorful.  As we weed out the negatives and fears that reside in our mind, we blossom into a beautiful and colorful expression of a life of abundance, beauty, prosperity and success.  Life is vibrant and so are we.  

So, what about us?  Are we ready to weed our mental garden and let the beauty and vibrancy of life appear?

Just as in weeding a garden we start in one area and take it one step at a time.

Perhaps as we think about where to begin we have a revelation of what is going on that is constricting our living and receive an inspiration or two on how to move forward…finding the inner fortitude of, “I am not going to take this anymore” attitude; which is the impetus to jettison the garbage, weedy, thoughts and beliefs that have been hindering our blossoming success.

Life, as we all know, takes us at our own valuation.  As we weed out those strangling thoughts and beliefs we see a ray of light and improvements arising in our life.  We fertilize and water our mental garden with positive thoughts and blossoming new concepts about ourselves and our world

No one can make us change.  It is our decision whether we want to or not.  When we finally get tired of existing and decide to step up and forward to new and more profitable ways of being and living, then and only then will we initiate the weeding process and change  our life.

Our starting point is positive affirmations, using them daily and throughout the day as needed for positive re-enforcement. Visualization is a technique we can use to help us see where we want to be and enjoying the successful results.  Handing ourselves a congratulatory bouquet of roses is a way of showing our love and appreciation of ourselves in this endeavor.

Affirm your self-acceptance, self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.  You were not created for mediocrity but for success.  You are meant to be prosperous and to live well.  

We are more than adequate to be successful, no matter what we have been told, no matter where we are in life.  Many years ago I attended a talk by Og Mandino.  He was at one time successful, ended up living on the streets, went to end his life but…he became a well-known author and speaker.  There are those who read this blog who have been down and out, on the skids, and are now successful and mentoring others along the way.

How many inspirational people do you know other than yourself?  Inspirational people are all around us if we but look and listen.  Look at your life; what you have been through, what you have accomplished, what you have survived.  

You are a phenomenal representation of life.  Don’t ever forget it and don’t ever give up on yourself!  Give yourself the credit due you.  Yeah, we’ve all had mistakes and problems which have occurred in our life, which was in the past.  Let go of  the past, and move on with living and flowering into a new vibrant exciting you.  Wallowing in the muck and mire of the past is not profitable; learn from it and move forward in living your life. 

Look forward to the day, look forward to new beginnings.  Remember, you are a winner and never forget it.

Life is wonderful and so are you!!

Your Affirmation: I am a success now and no-thing can stop me from having  and accomplishing greater good in my life.”



     One of the most unique things about us is, not only do we set the limitations in our life but we have the power and ability to remove these limitations to live a better life.

What causes us to set limits of what and how much good we can have in our life?  It could be something we were told growing up, a family belief, or a past experience-personal or professional.  In overcoming limits we surmount them by changing the way we think, see and believe about ourselves and the world we live in.  

As we change so will the people, places and situations in our life.  How we handle this change is of great import. It is up to each of us to act and not react.

Life gives us opportunities to change, in fact, the only constant in the universe is change, nothing stays static, and all is in constant motion. 

In the first quarter of 2011 there was a unique opportunity to change my life.  I died, crossed over and was revived.  I was not expected to live.  I do not recommend this way of changing your life, not fun.  I am still in the latter recouping stages.   It has been a year of challenges for me and my family.  Have I been presented with some tough challenges? Yes, and if it was not for my perseverance, the love and support of family and friends it would have been more challenging than it has been.  I have shed my tears, experienced frustration and anger, yet I never gave up on myself.  My perspective has changed as you can imagine. 

Within each of us is the ability to create new, positive and enriching experiences.   

Years ago I was in a discussion with friends about having to die to the old and be born to the new. This was in reference to changing our mental attitudes.  We need to know when to let go of  those thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve a positive purpose in our life.  It is time to bury the past, the anger and upset at ourselves, others and situations.  

Bring forth the positive in this present moment and create a better future in the here and now. We are not  to use our mind and thoughts to keep ourselves down but to move forward in our thinking and being; to move into new beginnings for a better life. Success, prosperity and wealth are great and wonderful goals but the greatest thing is for us to know and understand we are able to think creatively and achieve great things in our life. 

 So, I have a simple challenge for you and for me.  Pick one area of your life you want to change.  Then, once you have chosen that one area find the opposite, the positive counterpart and write down, “I am___.”  Or, “I now have___.”  Take that piece of paper, fold it up and place in an object that when you look at it brings you a sense of peace, harmony and joy.  Then affirm this positive as in your life now.  Whenever a negative thought about this pops up affirm the positive and accept it as the truth of your being here and now.  Do keep yourself on track, read or re-read the article on nighttime affirmations and see/visualize yourself experiencing this positive in your life now, down to the last detail.  Do this for 30 days and see the difference.  Please let me know what happens.

You are worthy of a better life, so give yourself permission to experience it, claim it, accept it, know you are a valued individual and that life is always for you.  

I will keep a positive thought for you and the accomplishment of your goal with ease, harmony, right knowing and right action, knowing you are led to the right people, places and things at the right time for the accomplishment of your goal.  We cannot want a greater good for ourselves and not want it for others.

 You are wonderful!


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