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Today’s Positive Thought

Plan   Today’s Positive Thought is by Jay.

Some keys to your success.

  • Participate fully in living life.
  • Be kind to others, random acts of kindness.
  • Practice what you believe.
  • Mentor others when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Let go of anger and upset, they impede the flow of success into your life.
  • Never let anyone or thing dissuade you from moving forward to the accomplishment of your goals/dreams/desires.
  • Be kind to yourself!



Today’s Positive Thought

Tday Flwrs   Today’s Positive Thought is by Jay.

There are times we need to retreat to our inner cave and realize our worthiness to live a better life in order to release whatever we are holding onto that is keeping us where we are…time to let go of anger, hate, upset, negativity, etc. be it toward ourself or others or a situation-personal and/or professional.  There will be tears and a feeling of relief and perhaps it will be accompanied by sadness as we say goodbye to the old ways that have held us back…a symbolic death and rebirth to a new and more vibrant life.  Where I live it is Spring, and life is expressing itself by the beautiful rebirth of colors in the flowers, trees and in the bright sunny days with a gentle caressing breeze filled with the aroma of life.  Let the beauty of Spring and rebirth fill you and guide you into a new way of living and expressing your life.  Jay


The Simple Life Part 2 Of 2

   Life is easy, but we tend to complicate it with our fears, negative emotions, anger, upset and at times a not so great overall view of life.  My advice, “Stop making life so difficult.”  The sooner we can get past the gunky thinking, (that which clogs and stops up creativity and the flow of good into our life), the sooner we begin to realize improvement and a sense of joy in achieving and being.

Understanding the law of cause and effect and taking responsibility for our thoughts and life are essential first steps in success.

Over the years I have been asked to, “Fix me but don’t change me.”  Talk about an impossibility!  My response was, “I can’t fix you but I can help you change, if you want.”   If a person is unwilling to change the causation of their undesired experiences there are no band-aid remedies that will make it go away or patch it up like new—not even duct tape will help.

Life is what we make it, good, bad, indifferent, difficult, easy, sad or happy, it is up to us get our buns in gear and move up and out of mediocrity to phenomenal.

If you want to participate in life so be it but if not…well, just keep it to yourself; don’t continue to spew negatives about what others are doing, their dreams or goals. We have all met people who like to pontificate on all subjects, like to tell people what to do and how to do, all the while their life is so messed up that it is unbelievable, it gets tiresome after a while, perhaps we feel sorry for them.  The amazing thing is, when help is offered their fear appears and causes them to run from the offer with a variety of excuses and continue their mere existence with the same hurt, tears, anger and upset not only at themselves and others, but the world.  Eventually, when they tire of their situation, they will ask for help to the outstretched hand of the one who previously offered.  This is where you and others of the same positive mindset become the example, the teacher, the storyteller, the healer, the motivator, the friend.

You are the most important thing you can give to the world. Smile, take life by the hand and show it what you want with focus, determination, knowing and authority.  Life will then become that which you have shown it. 


The Simple Life Part 1 Of 2

“What if”?

   I sit here this morning at the dining room table wondering “what if” about a variety of subjects and how it would be “if”; but I dwell in the abstractions of life and see things perhaps in a different light than most, as has been apparent all my life in the fields I am part of: writing, acting, public speaking, the ministry (retired for the most part), baking, cooking, the arts in general. 

The creativity we seek for moving forward to better living is an abstract, it is a cause that evolves in our mind as an idea to take action on and if we choose to follow that inspiration so be it. 

Much of the way we seem to be living is by allowing the outside events to control and influence us to the point of upset, dismay, discontent and the like.   

Life is always lived from within out.  The outer life is a reflection of our inner convictions, beliefs, and concepts.  Do unexpected things happen in our life, of course they do, we are part of this world and the unexpected does pop up, but is it really unexpected or is it a fear or thought that has been planted from years ago that is now coming into our life? Is it because we are part of other peoples lives who are experiencing life at their level of belief and causes us heartache or upset due to the love or caring we have for them?  Is it because we need to learn something from this experience which will not only help us but others?  Is it something about fear, say of moving forward or of grasping a new idea to lead us onward and upward, or, could it be the manifestation of our dissatisfaction with our job or our life in general that is causing us angst as a physical condition?  “What if” it is?

“What if” you and I decided to take action, beginning in our mind-abstract thought-causation (all thought is abstract), to change/alter our response to a situation? What if” we did?  Would we benefit from it?  Yes.  What would we learn from this new perspective?  Perhaps it would be learning how to handle this type of situation without giving it power to upset us, maybe it would be a gaining a greater understanding of not only the situation and those involved but of ourselves as well.  “What if” our thoughts are truly “things” in the invisible world of causation that when impressed on the receptive substance of the Universe takes form in our life according to that specific thought?  Just, “what if?”

“What if” I or someone else told you, you have more power over your life than you currently think or believe and you actually believed it?  What would you do to change the course of your life to make it better?  What thoughts would you change permanently, or would you even be willing to give them up because you are more comfortable in the predictable outcomes.  We have all been there.  We are at times more comfortable with the uncomfortable and the predictable because it is known and the unknown can scare the Hades out of us.  Been there and it is not fun, as you no doubt well know.  “What if” we changed?

“What if” I told you that positive thinking is merely a beginning step to self-realization where in the understanding of the abstract brings forth the concrete, material, form of that knowing?  “What if” you and I started today to take charge of our thinking, our beliefs and concepts concerning ourselves and our world of experience?  “What if” it brought us the success we wanted in all areas of our life?

“What if”?


Are You Listening?

   Are you listening? 

We have all encountered times when there is a need to talk to someone about something.  We just need an ear for someone to listen to us…but we may encounter interruptions, interjections and unsolicited advice.   When this happens in our time of need we can be devastated, upset, frustrated, or just numb at the insensitivity of the person we chose to listen to the situation that is causing internal conflict.

This is not the only time we may meet with this non-listening situation…it can happen anywhere; a store employee, cashier, waiter/waitress, friend, family member, co-worker, boss, etc.  It can be very frustrating when this occurs and may irk us a bit, that, not only is the person not listening they do not understand what it is we are conveying to them concerning…  There are times we just want to scream, “Listen to what I am saying!”

The important part of any relationship; be it with ourselves, a loved one, a temporary encounter, or permanent relationship, is listening to what is being said and allowing the other person the courtesy of listening without coloring the thoughts being presented with any of our own prejudices or beliefs.  

Listening is an art.   When we can listen to someone without forming judgments or trying to influence them with what we believe they should do we have begun to master the art of listening.

A key to moving ahead in life is listening.  Listening to our self-talk, and taking corrective measures when we are putting ourselves down, doubting our abilities and our talents, giving power to a fear by repetition of a phrase and what we say about ourselves in conversations with others is vital to improving our life.  As we listen to ourselves there has to be no judgment but realization of a specific area of our life that we need to improve.  If we call ourselves, “stupid, idiot” or other derogatory names time to stop and take control of how we relate to our-self.  Taking stock in our positives life improves in bits and pieces and grows into leaps and bounds.  Take time to stop and listen to all conversations, with yourself and others, you will be surprised what you learn.

In the meantime, affirm your great qualities and abilities to achieve to whatever level in life you so choose.  Listen and listen well for this will take you further than you can ever imagine.

I hear you and I am listening!


Powerful Thoughts, Powerful Words-Part 1 of 2

   The basis of positive and effective thinking concerns our ability to understand the active power within us, although it may appear to be latent, of our feeling nature, deeply held beliefs, thoughts and words, which create our life experiences. 

In an ancient text, The Kybalion, we read, “as above, so below, as below, so above.”   We may also state, As Within, So Without.  In Isaiah, I paraphrase, “So shall my word go forth to accomplish that for which I have sent and shall not return unto me void.”   In the New Testament we read, “It is done unto us as we believe.”  The spiritual aspect has always been addressed by those who have taught and wrote on the subject matter of positive thinking. We have direct information about how powerful we are to bring forth the life we choose.  From ancient texts and teachings we are told that life is lived from within, out.  That our thoughts, beliefs, concepts, words have more power than we realize.  We are not created to be in bondage to lack and limitation but to realize a life of abundance, well-being.  It is time to take action and stop allowing ourselves to wallow in the well of despair and drink the bitter waters of our own creation.  We are created and worthy to be rich, prosperous, abundant, healthy, and happy, love and be loved, and all the good life has to offer. We are created to express life in a bountiful manner.    

Well, how about Karma?  We have the power and ability to change our karma. We are not stuck with karma…karma is a learning experience and just like history, if we don’t learn from it we are destined to repeat it.  So if we are constantly experiencing the same effects in our life that we are not thrilled with, time to change the cause; our thoughts and beliefs concerning the situation and to be vigilant about the words we speak and our self-talk concerning said situation(s). 

As we know, our life experiences reflect back to us our core beliefs about ourselves, life, people, events, situations and the world around us.  We call this by different names: The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Attraction, The Law of Reflection, Mental Equivalents, Magnetic Thought, Mirroring, etc. Call it what you want. Life will always become that which we believe it to be, no more and no less.  “Nothing escapes the Principle of Cause and Effect, and one may use the laws of the higher to overcome the laws of the lower.”—The Kybalion

If we are holding onto guilt about a situation time to forgive ourselves, those involved and the situation itself.  Holding on to guilt/anger/upset wears us down and keeps us from achieving our goals of living a fuller, healthier, positive and creative life of well-being. We are not going to forgive; we are letting the power of the Spirit of Life (God) do the forgiving. In letting go of guilt/anger/upset there is a simple and positive statement you can use. “I now bless, release and forgive myself with the Unconditional Love and Forgiveness of God and I bless, release and forgive (person or persons, places, situations) with the Unconditional Love and Forgiveness of God.”  This is a short note for your reference and will be addressed more in-depth at a later time. 

This is the end of Part 1, Part 2 follows tomorrow. Jay

Powerful Thoughts, Powerful Words-Part 2 of 2 

In The Beginning

In The Beginning 

In the beginning the thought, the action, moved upon the waters of your mind and created a ripple in the fluidic fabric of the universe, a universe of time and space, to the great no-thingness and the all, whereupon love and wisdom acted upon the impress of your thought and gave form to it in your life.  There is no judgment in the great no-thingness and the all, it only brings forth that which our thought has conceived and believed so deep and with so much feeling (conviction) that the eternal love and wisdom honors us by giving it form in our life.  It is always done unto us as we believe, as it was stated in ancient times, “as within, so without.”  Life honors us at our own valuation. 

The creative power of your thought, of all our thoughts, has been touted throughout the ages.  It is nothing new.  The sages, mystics, prophets have taught this creative power of thought in one form or another.  It is an eternal truth.  Thoughts are forever creating.  We breathe life into our thoughts by our creative imagination, enthusiasm, and a deep-seated conviction. 

It is up to us not to get caught up in mundane and non-productive thoughts, beliefs and concepts. They serve no purpose but to keep us chained to our current life status, and tether us to situations and conditions we no longer wish to experience. Time to cut the ties that bind.

Each of us not only needs to take charge of our thinking but point it in the direction in which we want to follow.  No longer can we merely say. “I want,” or negate positive thoughts, affirmations and prayers with, “what ifs,” or fear.  To continue do so is self-defeating, and does nothing for us but to keep us down.      

It is not always an easy task to take charge of our thoughts but it is necessary if we are to achieve goals.  It is a step by step process which requires due diligence on our part and to have a more positive life enhancing view of ourselves and our affairs.

The time is now to step up to the plate and take back control of our creative thoughts, beliefs and concepts. 

To which do we give our power?  To lack and limitation, fear, anger, upset, and all their negative relatives or do we empower ourselves to live life in a positive and abundant manner?  The choice is ours.

There is no power in the universe that denies us our good.

You are more powerful than you think you are. So, self-empower yourself to live the successful life you choose—you are more than worthy of it.

This post is an excerpt from a work in progress and I would appreciate if you would contact me if you want to reprint or reproduce this in any form, or media, or re-blog. Thank you for your understanding.  Jay

© 2012 by Jay The Baker

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