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Saturday Idea

   Saturday Idea is by Dr. Venice Bloodworth from her book, Key To Yourself.

“It does not matter what your present condition may be, it rests with you to change it and make your future exactly what you would have it to be.  There is no limit to the creative power of the Universal Mind and it… moves in ageless, changeless, eternal silence bringing to you with exact precision the full measure of your thoughts.”

Kybalion Quotes

   Thought you might find these Kybalion Quotes from Hermetic Philosophy interesting.

“THE ALL is MIND;  The Universe is Mental.”

“As above, so below; as below, so above.”

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”

“Under,  and back of, the Universe of Time, Space and Change, is ever to be found The Substantial Reality–the Fundamental Truth.”

“Nothing escapes the Principle of Cause and Effect, but there are many Planes of Causation, and one may use the laws of the higher to overcome the laws of the lower.”

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