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T Day   I am thankful for all that has entered my life for it has given me the opportunity to grow and become a better and wiser me.

I am thankful for friends and family.

I am thankful for all the opportunities that appear in my life.

I am thankful that I meet the right people at the right time and in the right place.

I am thankful for you, those who read and follow this blog.

I am thankful that life is forever revealing itself to me in a dew drop, a grain of sand, in the eyes of another, in all the ways that make my life a wonderful and unique esperience. 

I am thankful.




Pumpkin pie slice   I wish you a very Happy Thanksgivng Day. Jay Tday 4

Today’s Positive Thought

Rose Petal HeartToday’s Positive Thought is by, Henry Ward Beecher, from his work, The Heart’s Gratitude.

“As flowers carry dewdrops, trembling on the edges of the petals, and ready to fall at the first waft of the wind or brush of a bird, so the heart should carry its beaded words of thanksgiving.  At the first breath of heavenly flavor, let down the shower, perfumed with the heart’s gratitude.”


Today in the U.S. we are celebrating Thanksgiving.  I want to wish you a happy and wonderful Day Of Giving Thanks.

I am thankful…

I am thankful for my talents and abilities.

I am thankful for all whom I meet and the great good we can share with each other.

I am thankful for my life; the good, the bad and the indifferent.

I am thankful for all.

I am thankful for all the opportunities that are presented to me and mine.

I am thankful for the life I am living and the accomplishment of my goals.

I am thankful for being me and all that I am.  I rejoice in my uniqueness.

I am thankful for the Life, Light and Love that exists in my life and world.

I am thankful and celebrate with joy in my heart.

l am thankful for all that I have gone through to make me the person I am today.

The song of gratitude is forever on my lips.

I am grateful.

I am thankful for you dear readers.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Jay

Thank You

   I just want to say, Thank You, for; following, bookmarking, sharing this site on your facebook account and/or tweeting the information, forwarding the posts, and for visiting this blog.

Much  appreciation for all your comments and likes. 

From my heart, Wishing you only the highest and best in life and living.

May the road of ahead of you be smooth and filled with successes beyond your imagination.


Today’s Positive Thought

   Today’s Positive Thought is by Gottohold Ephraim Lessing.

“A single grateful thought raised to heaven is the most perfect prayer.”


   Well, today is Friday and I trust you are looking forward to the weekend. 

The week was filled with opportunities, large and small, for your consideration.  Whatever direction you were led for your greater good give thanks for it and look back at what you learned from all that transpired.

Have a wonderful day and a relaxing evening.


A Sunday Affirmation

   A Sunday affirmation is by Ernest Holmes.  The title of this affirmation is,” No Obstructions”  When I use this affirmation I change the word “man’s” to “my.”  As for the second line, we can state a positive concerning whatever area of life that appears to be a challenge, i.e.  ” in my financial abundance “, or “in finding the right publisher for my works”, etc. after the word “delay.”  There is power in our spoken word and in our thoughts/beliefs.  I find this be a good reminder and re-enforcement for changing a situation.  There is also a revised version that you can reword to make it personal to you.     

There are no obstructions to Life’s Path; no hindrance to man’s endeavors.

Let my Word be the Law of elimination to all thoughts of hindrance or delay.

And let the thing that I speak come forth into manifestation at once.

I behold it and see that it is even now done, complete and perfect.  

Revised Version:

There are no obstructions to Life’s Path; no hindrance to my endeavors.

My word is the Law of Elimination to all thoughts of hindrance or delay in my financial abundance.

And let the thing I speak come forth into manifestation here and now.

I see it done now. I accept it and give thanks for this good in my life now.

My World

   My world.  A tagline I use for PCA  is, The World Is Your Cookie. Create It!(tm)

Take a moment while sipping on your beverage and daydream, envision, visualize, the world you want to create for yourself.  Using our imagination is a key to setting up a mental mould for the subconscious to fill and bring forth the desired result into our life. 

We move forward in life not by what we want but by what we believe

Put your creative imagination to work for you.  If writing down your desire works, do it.  If drawing or taking a photo of something that represents what you are going after, do it.  Create something for yourself that will remind you where you are going and be thankful that it is in your life now.  Believe in yourself.  You know and I know you and I worthy of success in life.  Worthy of experiencing our dreams come true; worthy of our success.  Today, make good use of your creative imagination and create in your mind’s eye the truth of you and your world, which is success on all levels of being, personal and professional. NOW IS THE TIME TO CLAIM YOUR SUCCESS. You are worthy of the highest and the best life has to offer, and that my friend, is the Truth. 

Today is your day and I rejoice in your continued success.



   The following quotes are by Dr. Venice Bloodworth on causation.

“Every time you think, you start a chain of causation that will create a condition in strict accord with the quality of thought that originated it…IT IS THE SEED YOU SOW THAT DECIDES THE NATURE OF YOUR PRODUCT.”

“We sow our thoughts in our subconscious mind and the law of growth brings them into visible expression.”

“We reap what we sow, in kind and quality with exact precision.  The Law of Compensation will not allow us to sow thoughts of one kind and reap the fruits of another.  We can be absolutely certain that we will express outwardly the results of our predominant thoughts.”

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