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On My Death And Living

On my death and living.  Last year I died of a full respiratory arrest.  I was revived, placed in a coma with two days to live.

Over the course of the past year plus the challenges I have had due to this incident have allowed me to grow on personal, professional and spiritual levels.

Having been on the other side and enjoying it before being pulled back into my body, it changes you in many ways.  It really wasn’t my time to die; my life here apparently has more to do and achieve.  Giving up was not an option, persistence and determination, diligence and the like were and are part of my daily routine, as is meditation.   We can’t afford to give up on ourselves no matter what comes down the pike because we are wonderful creative expressions of life  itself worthy of greater good and well-being.      

The posts/articles on the PCA blog are to convey the beauty and spectacular beings we really are and the power that resides within us and is us and that to us all is possible.

Always remember, you are greater than you think you are and  you can achieve whatever you put your mind to, believe me.


The Versatile Blogger Award





I want to thank Jo, who is the creator of  Thoughts on Theatre  for nominating Positive Cookie Attitudes for the Versatile Blogger Award.  What a surprise it was when I sat down to do some  writing for a future blog article and saw this comment. Needless to say, it is very much appreciated and unexpected.  Do visit her blog: http://thoughtsontheatre.wordpress.com it has a variety of information and quotes from well known writers and entertainers.

My Christmas Gift

          My Christmas Gift.  Earlier this year I died, crossed over and was brought back to life. 

Once I was able to get back on my feet, creatively as well, I began this blog to share positive information for self-growth and self-awareness.  Life is truly what we make it…I could have given up and did the “poor me” routine but I fought hard for a comeback with lots of support from my wife, who also gave me cpr.  For months I was determined to achieve a life worth living and it finally happened. Overcoming obstacles is, in part, what life is about.  Living is about using your mind, thoughts and beliefs to bring forth a life you enjoy.  The longer we dwell in the dark hole of self-pity the more we exist and not live.  We are humans being, what we are being is up to each of us.

Life is about understanding yourself, accepting yourself – quirks and all, forgiving yourself and others so that you can move on with living.  If you are on the outside looking in, join the club.  Be yourself and express the life within you.  Yes, we all have qualities we either want to change or improve on, but, it requires being okay with who we are, building our self-confidence and self-esteem. Celebrate you.  As we grow to like ourselves and love ourselves we initiate a change in our life that will prosper us in many ways, seen and unseen.

Who are you? You are a wonderful and beautiful expression of life with the power, talent and ability to experience the highest and best life has to offer.  Never give up on yourself!  I have hit lows, had the momentary lapse, and then, began the journey back up the ladder.  Believe in yourself.  I could go on and give you a variety of platitudes but they are not what this or I am about.  I may not know you, but, what I do know is, the life in you is the same life that is within me; a life that is creative, good, kind and talented.  I believe the life in you expresses through you for your greater good and the greater good of the world around you.  You are a worthy and worthwhile individual.

You are my Christmas gift.  I thank you for following, subscribing and sharing this blog with others. Most of all I am thankful that you are you.  Today, unwrap the gift of you and enjoy all it has offer. 

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas.  Let Your Light Shine!

With A Joyous Heart and Best Wishes,


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