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Today’s Positive Thought

Rose Petal HeartToday’s Positive Thought is by Og Mandino.

“I will greet this day with love in my heart.  For this is the greatest secret of success in all ventures.”

Today’s Positive Thought

Planting   Today’s Positive Thought is by Dr. Jack Addington.

Remember, the secret is: turn away from your old problems and start thinking about the abundance of life, about the Perfect Power within you to accomplish all things in right and perfect ways.” 

Today’s Positive Thought

Purple   Today’s Positive Thoughts are by, Ernest Holmes.

“It is done unto you AS you believe.”  “No more simple and yet no more profound statement could be made.”

We must relight the torch of our imagination by ‘fire caught from heaven.’  We must remain faithful to this vision, for a realization of the Presence of God is the secret power of our work.”

Today’s Positive Thought

   Today’s Positive Thought is by Emmet Fox.

“Radiate happiness and you help to inspire everyone you meet.  Cultivate happiness and then you must radiate it, for it cannot be concealed.  Misery can be hidden, but happiness can no more be a secret, than garlic can.”

Today’s Positive Thought

   Today’s Positive Thought is by Thomas Troward.  Something to ponder.

“There is a world of philosophy in the simple statement that there can be no inside without and outside, and no outside without an inside; and the great secret in life is in learning to see things in their wholeness, and to realise the inside and outside simultaneously.”

Keep The Idea Secret

The surest way to kill an idea is to talk about it, keep the idea secret.

When we are developing something new, acting upon an inspirational idea, we need to nourish it in our minds and begin the development of it in a positive receptive soil of thought.  Just as one writes, designs, builds, paints, and the like we begin with an idea, an inspiration that moves us to create it in this world of ours.  So, it is in our best interest to keep it to ourselves until the project is completed, at that point the world will know what we have accomplished, our idea in form.       

If you are in the process of creating your inspiration don’t shout to the world, “Look at what I am going to do.”  Keep it to yourself and work on the idea until you are ready to present it as a finished product.  Sometimes when we tell others of what we want to accomplish our idea, our inspiration, can be met with a barrage of negativity which in turn can put a damper on us and our idea.  At a function, some years ago, a conversation focused on people stealing other people’s ideas.  One person cited; the most vocal anti-idea person, who presented a rational argument as why it wouldn’t work, stole the idea and made a killing on it.  To rework an old saying, “Loose lips sink ideas.”

Keep the idea secret.  If you do need to share your inspiration do so with someone who you can trust.  Should you encounter negativity along the way persevere, keep on track and stay focused. 

Can you imagine what would what have happened if the world’s greatest and creative gave up because they believed someone who told them it couldn’t be done?  So, my friend, why give up?  Give it your best shot and go for the gold.  Remember Edison had many failures before perfecting the light bulb, perseverance pays off.  An old saying seems to be appropriate, Keep On Truckin’.  Keep moving forward and listen to your intuition in developing and bringing your idea to life. 

The secret is the secret to your success.  Keep your mind open to doing something a new way, keep your eyes open to see something new, keep your ears open to listen as you will no doubt hear something that will help your idea come into fruition. Listen, listen, listen to your intuition!!  I cannot emphasize this enough.

Keep the idea secret.  Fertilize it with constructive, positive thoughts and beliefs.  Reformulate and re-create the idea until it is where it needs to be.  Keep the creative energy high and in gear, be open to the new, be innovative, be you.

Be successful and be you.  You are a creative and innovative individual so never, ever, discount yourself. Success is you, claim it, accept it and begin new journeys into successful living and creating for the pleasure of giving birth to a new idea.

You are wonderful and wonderfully successful! 



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