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Memorial Day

Memorial Day brings back many memories from my childhood; my parents and uncles served in WWII and my grandfathers in WWI; it was therefore with reverence that the day was celebrated. My mother would tell a story about a parade that was held in her hometown with a very old Civil War vet riding in a car and everyone cheering him.

Growing up we called today, Decoration Day. The Saturday before Decoration Day the Boy Scout troop I was with would place flags on the graves of all who served at the local cemetery, as well as on Veteran’s Day.

On Decoration Day our town honored our fallen heroes and those who were serving in the military with a parade. All the local school bands, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, VFW members, and a variety of other groups participated in honoring our men and women. Speeches were delivered by our veteran’s one of whom lost both legs in Korea and was a local politician, state, county, and local dignitaries.

On a personal note, I volunteered at our VA Hospital and lo those many years ago I met a young man who lost both legs in Viet Nam. To Carl, wherever you are, thank you. I truly hope you achieved the goals that we spoke of during your recovery.

On this Memorial Day remember to say a prayer of thanks for all who served/serving in the military past and present.

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