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Winter Tree

Life In December

By: Jay

The end of the year is upon us.

For many it consists of sending holiday cards and gifts, weaving through crowded parking lots hoping and praying that a parking space opens up near the store or mall entrance.  Some are getting all the food and ingredients for holiday festivities and family gatherings.  Some of us are traveling to see family and/or friends for the holiday(s).  Some are staying home and having a quiet celebration.  We are all busy one way or another.

Over the past year we have all had challenges in some area of our life, i.e. health, financial, work, etc.

As we move through this “uniqueness” and range of emotions we focus on moving forward and setting goals for the rest of the year and the New Year.  It is important for us not to get so caught up in the problem that we are unable to see the forest for the trees.  The more we focus on the not so wonderful situations the more prevalent and intense they become.

Thus, the reason for this article.  No matter what comes down the pike it is how we decide to handle said situation.  We can either react or act.  The choice we make is important.  By reacting we are allowing the situation to control us; by acting we are taking control of the situation.  This is not to say we aren’t experiencing a slight panic or full range of emotions, it means we are deciding not to allow our emotional state to dictate the goings on.

So, on your Holiday To Do List take a bit of time for yourself and think of the goals you want to set, breathe, relax a bit, get focused and move forward with a song on your lips and in your heart.

Celebrate the beauty of life that is within you and let that glorious light of yours shine to the world and behold the miracle of you.

Let your light so shine…

Pax Domini,


A Cup Of Coffee

A cup of coffee or tea with a breakfast treat and the morning paper, what a great way to start the day.  

Have a day filled with unexpected good and unbridled happiness.



Have a wonderful Sunday morning, sit back relax with your favorite hot beverage and let the day unfold into a bright and lovely experience of life.


   The past week you’ve creatively used your talents and abilities to accomplish your goals.  Have a relaxing evening and enjoy.



   Ah, Sunday, time to relax with a cup of coffee or tea and the Sunday paper, sitting outside and enjoying nature.  Enjoy the Sunday crossword puzzle.  Sharpen that pencil!

The day is yours.


Today’s Positive Thought

   Today’s Positive Thought is by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale from his book, The Power Of Positive Thinking.

“Don’t try to force an answer.  Keep your mind relaxed so that the solution will open up and become clear.”

A Few Points

   A few points is taken from the book, The Power Of Positive Thinking, by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

Learn to remember names….A man’s name is important to him.

Acquire the quality of relaxed easy-goingness so that things don’t ruffle you.

Don’t be egotistical.  Guard against giving the impression that you know it all.  Be natural and normally humble.

Never miss an opportunity to say a word of congratulations upon anyone’s achievement, or express sympathy in sorrow or disappointment.

Have a wonderful day and congrats on your successful living.  Jay

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