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Universe   A Passover Prayer for all who celebrate this holiday.

“Blessed art Thou, O Lord our God, King of the universe, Creator of the fruit of the vine. Blessed art Thou, O Lord our God, King of the universe who hast chosen us among all peoples and sanctified us with Thy commandments. In love hast Thou given us, O Lord our God, solemn days of joy and festive seasons of gladness, even this day of the feast of the unleavened bread, a holy convocation unto us, a memorial of the departure from Egypt. Thou hast chosen us for thy service and hast made us sharers in the blessing of Thy holy festivals. Blessed art Thou, O Lord our God, Who hast preserved us, sustained us, and brought us to this season.”

Today’s Positive Thought

Light   Today’s PositiveThought  is by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

“Optimistic visualization combined with prayer and faith will inevitably actualize achievement.”

Today’s Positive Thought

    Today, in honor of Sept. 11, I ask that you take a moment to pray for the first responders who gave their lives in the line of duty; the flight attendants, pilots and passengers who also lost their lives and all who died on this infamous day.

Thank you for doing so and honoring these souls and remembering their families. Pax Domini to all who perished on this date.

FDNY, Pride Of Midtown, NYC, Engine 54, 4 Truck, Batt. 9 

In Loving Memory of my cousin Sam, his fellow firefighters  from Batt. 9, those in the FDNY, NYPD and all first responders who gave their lives.

My deepest appreciation. Jay 

Today’s Positive Thought

   Today’s Positive Thought is by Gottohold Ephraim Lessing.

“A single grateful thought raised to heaven is the most perfect prayer.”

Afraid Of Being Different?

   Afraid of being different?  I know I was.  

Since childhood I did things that were different and out of the norm in the fields of creativity and self-expression.  There are many of us who have had this experience.  Being different oozes out of us no matter what we do.  Pretty sure we heard, “Different wasn’t normal”, whatever that is. Perhaps it meant being on the outside looking in or being bullied.   Both of which I experienced, still on the outside looking in but enjoying and appreciating it more than ever.

The past year has been a tough one for me and mine.   My recovery has taken longer than anticipated which has had a definite impact on all areas of life.  The one thing that has kept me going is my belief in a power greater than myself, followed by meditation-which took me two to three months to be able to do so without my head hurting from the drugs pumped into me to create a coma and fight a serious (life threatening) lung infection, pushing myself to the limit each and every day and of course positive prayer, known as scientific prayer or treatment.  So what have I learned?  Wow, things will never be the same for me, my outlook on life has had a definite change and what is important to me is now at the forefront of my life, more than ever before.  Will be pursuing a career, besides writing, which was a childhood goal.  Now that I am moving forward at a faster rate it is time for me to change the timber of this blog and in what and how it is presented.  Over the next few weeks you will see the differences emerging, slowly but surely.   I will be addressing issues in a new positive, direct way.  

There is always a turning point for us, for me it was last year.  The past two weeks have seen a change in goals and the last vestiges of not accepting being different have fallen away.  Oftentimes it takes a life changing event to induce this new perspective and goals to more fully accept being differentSo it was with me.  Perhaps we are given a second chance because the Infinite isn’t done with us yet and perhaps, just perhaps, we have something more to give and contribute to help others as well as ourselves and those in our sphere of life.     

The only constant in life and the universe is change.  There comes a time in our life we need to rebrand our creative work, to recreate ourselves, at times it is thrust upon us and we appear to be unwilling participants in the beginning.  Change gives us fodder for growth into new and exciting individuals.  Part of being different is change; it is learning to utilize our unique and diverse abilities and talents to the fullest extent for success. 

What was the turning pointing in your life?

If you would like to share your experience please leave a comment and I will post it.



The Simple Life Part 1 Of 2

2012 Olympics London, UK

Today is the opening ceremonies for the Olympics Games in London.  

   To all the athletes participating in these  games I wish you the best.  

   Please  take a moment today to honor and say a prayer of remembrance for the Israeli athletes that were killed 40 years ago at the Olympics in Munich.

2012 Olympics-London, UK

Today is the opening ceremonies for the Olympics Games in London.  

   To all the athletes participating in these  games I wish you the best.  

   Please  take a moment today to honor and say a prayer of rememberance for the Israeli athletes that were killed 40 years ago at the Olympics in Munich.


   Today I ask that you remember the victims and families of the Colorado theatre shooting.

Please take time today to offer your prayers and if so inclined light a candle for the souls of the departed.

Cherish your time with your loved ones and cherish all that they are.  Today, this moment in time is all any of us have,  make good use of it.


Tired Of The I Can’ts?

   Tired of the I can’ts?  How many times have we and others we know say, “I can’t,” concerning a particular situation or condition in our life?  My gosh, I can’t take it anymore…ah ha, found the solution…instead of retreating into the numbness of  “I can’t” how about moving into the world of Possibilties and give the “I can’t” the heave-ho.

Now once we are tired of saying and living the “I can’t” life we enter into the world of new and wonderful Possibilities to participate in.  Participation is a key to opening the door to a more enthralling  living experience filled with successes prosperity, money, joy, happiness and the list goes on ad infinitum.   

Are you and I willing to give up the “I can’ts” and move into the realm of “Yes, I can?”  Yes, so how do we  go about it?  First let us make a conscious effort not to keep associating ourselves with a particular situation or condition.  The more we identify with a negative the more of it will appear in our life.  On the other hand, the more we re-condition our thoughts and mind to the positives they will appear and multiply accordingly…great stuff, huh?

So now our objective is to let go of those conditioned thought patterns that have not been of benefit to us, except in knowing we no longer want them,  and bring in new beliefs, concepts and thoughts about what it is we want changed in our affairs and life.  The inner power and abilities we have must have a pattern of belief, thought, to follow to materialize in our life.  We begin by using affirmations, positive prayers (using the present tense), and repeating them to ourselves throughout the day, visualizing the end result and accepting it as fact in our life now.  Simple and effective ways in altering the way we perceive ourselves and our relationship to new and more beneficial trains of thought that will deliver unto us as we believe.  Of course we already know all of this,  so why don’t we change our thought, belief, concept about it?  It could be fear of…, a lack of self-worth, lack of faith in our ability to do so, etc.  If that is the case, then, we need to work on increasing our belief in ourselves and our worthiness to have greater good enter into our life.  We cannot be worried about what others may think or say about the changes we make…we have to do this for us and fulfill our desire to move forward to better living and better everything.  Above all, do not tell anyone that you are doing this!!  The reason is, you need to keep yourself  focused on the positives and not be derailed by the comments of others.  Your goal, to be free of lack and limitation in the specified area(s) of your life.  Become that which you desire and it will follow. 

Now, since you have given the boot to the “I can’ts,” celebrate “I can” and “I Have Now” attitudes.

Congratulations on the new beginnings and life!


As A Man Thinketh

The following quote is by James Allen from his book, As A Man Thinketh.

“Men do not attract that which the want,  but that which they are…Not what he wishes and prays for does a man get, but what he justly earns.  His wishes and prayers are only gratified and answered when they harmonize with his thoughts and actions.”

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