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Today’s Positive Thought

My World   Today’s Positive Thought is by Thomas Troward.

“We should aim not so much at having or making some particular thing as at expressing all that we are.  The expressing will grow out of realising the treasures that are ours already, and contemplating the beauty, the affirmative side, of all that we are now, apart from the negative conceptions and detractions which veil this good from us.”

Today’s Positive Thought

Ladder Upward   Today’s Positive Thought is by Napoleon Hill.

“To be successful in any sort of endeavor, you must have a definite goal.  You must have definite plans for attaining this goal.  Nothing is ever accomplished that is worthwhile without a definite plan of procedure that is systematically and continuously followed out day by day.”

Today’s Positive Thought

   Today’s Positive Thought is by Alan H. Cohen.

It’s not what happens to you that counts;

It’s what you make of what happens.

Today’s Positive Thought

   Today’s Positive Thought is by Thomas Troward.

…therefore there is no limit to the expansion of the individual’s powers.  Because we are what we are, we may become what we will.”

A Sunday Thought

A Sunday Thought. The following is a quote by Ernest Holmes. 

“The storehouse of nature is filled with infinite good, awaiting the touch of our awakened thought to spring forth into manifestation in our lives; but the awakening must be within our thought!

A Reminder

   A reminder, I thought this would be worth reminding ourselves about our motives as we move forward in living our life, professionally and personally for success.  This is by Dr. David Seabury.

“Motives are the seeds of human action…and their reason for being is to direct the choice of our goals.”

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