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Variety Of Experiences, Part 2 of 2

Being successful is more than accumulating things i.e., money, cars, houses, jewelry, and the like.  Being successful is about being you, embracing yourself, accepting yourself and allowing yourself to express life in a joyous and happy way that represents you and from that come the “things “ of success.  Doing what we love, creating what we love from the invisible thought/idea and bringing it to life in the visible world of effect is what it is all about.  So many think of success as the attainment of “things”, the attitude of, he/she with the most toys wins…ha!  There is nothing wrong with having lots of toys but the attainment of toys should not be the sole motivation for being truly successful and having a life of well-being. 

If we can think of life as a play or film that we produce, write, direct and star in it can give us a better edge on achieving our goal.  At times we write dramas, other times comedies, and of course tragedy creeps in from time to time but being the hero or heroine of this show we always come out on top in the end.  Time to write the script for success.

We write this script of success with our thoughts, attitudes, ideas, dreams and desires. As we progress there are script changes, scene changes, and lighting changes taking place within our mind.  These changes present to us a new point of focus, a new direction to follow for the next scene of our life of success.

Each and every thought that we incorporate into our life affects the outcome of any given situation.  Doubt and fear produce lack and perhaps self-sabotage.  Belief and faith in what we are doing produces success to one degree or another.  That is why it has been taught; keep a guard at the doorway of your thoughts.

Let us be careful in choosing the words we have in our script and how we set up for the next shot, how we direct ourselves and how we portray ourselves in this role of a successful, creative individual.

This is a basic simplified overview that can be used for reference as we write our script.

Continued success,


Lights, Camera, Action!

Variety Of Experiences, Part 1 of 2


   Well, here we are on Monday beginning the work week, perhaps with a sigh or with a song.  No matter what or how we feel it is all in the approach to the day that sets the tone for the week.

Take charge of your thoughts, focus your attention on your goals and where you see the week, presentations and meetings going.  Set the tone by setting the tone in your mind and actions.  The day and week are going to be what you make it, so why not make it wonderfully successful.  Oh yeah, don’t forget that random act of kindness.

Have a great day and week,


P.S  Look for my 2 part article titled, Powerful Thoughts, Powerful Words, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Focus Reminder

This is a simple but important focus reminder.

That to which we give our attention and allow to become our point of focus will appear in our life.  Jay

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