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Your Nighttime Affirmation

    Your Nighttime Affirmation

We know that our minds are impressionable, especially when we go to bed.  It is at this time we can  use affirmations to help us along the pathway of  success.    

Using affirmations during the day and at bedtime is important as we move forward in success. Affirmations help us to impregnate our mind with positive uplifting thoughts, especially after a rough day.  It helps to relieve worry and if we should wake up in the middle of the night and still be worried or upset we continue with positive affirmation(s) to put our mind at ease, create a new point of focus and relax.  Bedtime is a time to affirm and accept our success, prosperity, peace of mind, right knowing and action in any situation, money, health, self-confidence and the like.  It is in this vein that I share the following thought and after thoughts.

While doing a bit of research the following affirmation by Dr. Venice Bloodworth, author of,  Key To Yourself, caught my eye.

“I am healthy, strong, young, powerful, loving, harmonious, successful and happy.”

You can also add or substitute the following words: prosperous, wealthy, money magnet,  joyful, calm, self-confident, vibrant, worthy, self-accepting, creative, filled with new ideas to move forward successfully in life.  I am sure you get the idea of what you can add to make the above affirmation your own.

Throughout the day affirm you are guided to the right people, places and things at the right time for your success.  

Take time to honor yourself and lift your thoughts above the mundane, affirm your life of success.

You are worthy of the highest and best life has to offer, always!

Continued Successful Living, 

Jay The Baker

This is a recipe for a successful mindset, your nighttime affirmation.

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