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A Goal For The Week

   A goal for the week is a challenge to pick one thing you would like to have changed in your life.

This will require you to change your thought and keep it changed.  Change your perception, belief, self-talk, concepts of this situation/condition that is no longer doing anything for you in a positive manner. 

Be willing to give it, the condition,  up and focus you attention on having that specific good in your life.

Create an affirmation for yourself and repeat it as often as you would like.  Visualize yourself enjoying this particular good and the joy of being free from the confines of past thoughts and beliefs that have inhibited you from a fuller expression of life. 

Do not doubt or negate your new train of thought and should you have a twinge of negativity reaffirm your good.

Conceive this new idea, Believe in it and you will Achieve it!

I know you are successful in this endeavor and have accomplished the manifestation of this good in your life now.


In The Beginning

In The Beginning 

In the beginning the thought, the action, moved upon the waters of your mind and created a ripple in the fluidic fabric of the universe, a universe of time and space, to the great no-thingness and the all, whereupon love and wisdom acted upon the impress of your thought and gave form to it in your life.  There is no judgment in the great no-thingness and the all, it only brings forth that which our thought has conceived and believed so deep and with so much feeling (conviction) that the eternal love and wisdom honors us by giving it form in our life.  It is always done unto us as we believe, as it was stated in ancient times, “as within, so without.”  Life honors us at our own valuation. 

The creative power of your thought, of all our thoughts, has been touted throughout the ages.  It is nothing new.  The sages, mystics, prophets have taught this creative power of thought in one form or another.  It is an eternal truth.  Thoughts are forever creating.  We breathe life into our thoughts by our creative imagination, enthusiasm, and a deep-seated conviction. 

It is up to us not to get caught up in mundane and non-productive thoughts, beliefs and concepts. They serve no purpose but to keep us chained to our current life status, and tether us to situations and conditions we no longer wish to experience. Time to cut the ties that bind.

Each of us not only needs to take charge of our thinking but point it in the direction in which we want to follow.  No longer can we merely say. “I want,” or negate positive thoughts, affirmations and prayers with, “what ifs,” or fear.  To continue do so is self-defeating, and does nothing for us but to keep us down.      

It is not always an easy task to take charge of our thoughts but it is necessary if we are to achieve goals.  It is a step by step process which requires due diligence on our part and to have a more positive life enhancing view of ourselves and our affairs.

The time is now to step up to the plate and take back control of our creative thoughts, beliefs and concepts. 

To which do we give our power?  To lack and limitation, fear, anger, upset, and all their negative relatives or do we empower ourselves to live life in a positive and abundant manner?  The choice is ours.

There is no power in the universe that denies us our good.

You are more powerful than you think you are. So, self-empower yourself to live the successful life you choose—you are more than worthy of it.

This post is an excerpt from a work in progress and I would appreciate if you would contact me if you want to reprint or reproduce this in any form, or media, or re-blog. Thank you for your understanding.  Jay

© 2012 by Jay The Baker

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