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Every Day…

Every Day…

By: Jay

Sunrise 1   Every day is a day of creation.  In the beginning was the thought, the action.  As the sun rises and glistens on the dewy grass in the soft regenerative morning light; what was your first thought about the day?

We set the tone of the day by our thinking, our thoughts, not only about ourselves but our job, our day of activities, our well-being.  Life will take its cue from us on how to bring forth our moment to moment experiences throughout the day.  What choose you for your day?

We cannot say one thing and expect another…the more we say,” It can’t happen,” the more likely it is not to happen or happen in a way that is of benefit to us and those around us.  Whom shall your mind have a relationship with today, Kid Positive or Kid Negative, the choice is ours.  The sandbox we play in called life, will take the form we give to it, we will leave our impression in the sand and like a mold it shall be filled and make an appearance in our life.

Today, choose to be more positive, not positively negative-doesn’t really pan out for us, and put a new spin on the day…for the day is our creation…in the beginning was the thought, the action, and it took form.  Form the day you desire to experience…kick out the belief of fear, lack, limitation and change the “I can’t” to “I can;” from “I’m not” to “I AM.”   As has been said, “The only one who can stop you is yourself.” Stop, look and listen to what is going on in your mind and what is going on around you…how can you respond, not react, to make it better?  Visualize your day, your life experiences for this moment and all the moments of the day. You are the only one who can initiate change in your life and in your day.

The day is yours.  How shall your creative mind/imagination make it better and a more enriching living experience?  What are you willing to believe about yourself and your life that is positive, uplifting and enriching?



Today’s Positive Thought

Stage      Movie Camera      Today’s Positive Thought is by TDL.

“Ya know, like I tell myself in da mornin’ over cawffee and munchin’ on a Taylor ham and egg on a hard roll: Get your act together, learn your lines, listen and get behind the character you’re playing, their backstory, ’cause in the long run its you.”

Have A Great Day

Coff CrescecntHave a great day today.

Enjoy the weekend morning routine and keep a positive thought as you go through the day and weekend.


A Cup Of Coffee

A cup of coffee or tea with a breakfast treat and the morning paper, what a great way to start the day.  

Have a day filled with unexpected good and unbridled happiness.


Monday Morning

   It is Monday Morning and time to invigorate the week with positivity, forward thinking, motivational thoughts, and an outlook on life and the job that can’t be beat.

You are the greatest!! 

Have a Fantastic Day and Week.  You Deserve It.



   Morning All!

Enjoy the morning and create some new memories that bring a smile to your face.



   Enjoy your Saturday morning and those around you. 

Create a wonderful day for yourself and enjoy.

Take someone up on an invitation for a meal or invite someone to join you, perhaps you know someone who could use some cheering up-give them a call and see how they are doing, or venture out and take in the world through new eyes. 

Today, follow your heart and intuition.

The world is a treasure chest and you hold the key to it.  Open it up and enjoy the riches inside. 

All The Best,


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