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The past couple of days I have been presented challenges to change my thinking and my perception of “things,” not always a pleasant or easy task.

These challenges have enabled me to alter my perception of the world around me and how I react/act to situations.

Meditation has helped quite a bit in getting realigned. 

In all that we do we have a choice; make it easy or make it more difficult than it needs to be.  I did a bit of latter.  Finally woke up to the fact, I was making it more difficult and harder for myself than it needed to be.  I had to remember to get back to basics and realize I am in charge of; my reactions, my letting people, places or things get the best of me.  Taking back control of my thoughts, beliefs, concepts and perceptions has given me the ability to move forward with some new plans.  As many of you know, last year presented many health challenges for me.  We have closed up the baking business as it is not in my best interest to continue and no doubt a way to point me in a new direction.  I am now mulling over a variety of ideas and directions to follow.  

Challenges give us the opportunity to grow and shine in ways we may never have thought of nor even considered.  For all I have experienced I am grateful.  New doors will open and new opportunities will appear at the right time.

Once we get over the initial shock of the challenge and move through it we are stronger and able to see anew.  We set new goals and find creativity springing from every corner to inspire us and lead us forward to a richer life experience.

Life is in constant motion and rather than stagnate in the old ways I am looking forward to flowing with and into new and exciting adventures in living life.

So, as the saga continues and we share our thoughts and ideas with each other we grow in the light and love that forever surrounds us and lifts us up to new heights and most importantly of all, to a new awareness of self.

Will be writing more this week so stay tuned.


As I Thinketh

      When things get a bit out of whack in my thinking and I am in a bit of a quandary the phrase, “As a man thinketh, ” flashes in my mind.   I am then reminded the erratic winds of fate and fear do not control the situation, I do through my thoughts, beliefs and concepts.

I ask myself, “Who rules?  The outer or the inner?”  Without question it is always the inner.  If I opt to give power to the outer to control me,  for some reason or another, I will suffer the consequences from giving my power away.  Having done this in the past, more times than I care to remember, it was a long and hard road to travel with wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Important to remember; listen to that still small voice within for guidance!

There are times we temporarily let fear come in and wreak havoc.  Not a good feeling.  When we acknowledge the fear, stare it in the face and send it packing we take back our power.  Had this happen recently.  Once I realized what I was allowing to control my thoughts, I confronted the fear and sent it packing from my mind and life.  Afterward I did some meditation work to get back on track.   The inner is always stronger than the outer.

As we come to understand our inner power, accept, and acknowledge that our words, thoughts and beliefs when backed with emotion and enthusiasm come to pass; we can change the situation and move forward with a joyous heart and calm mind to our success in life.   

Moving forward is about recognition of self.  It is about self-empowerment.

As Ernest Holmes so aptly stated, “Our every thought creates.”

Overnight Success

Overnight Success is condensed from a chapter I wrote.

A  few years ago I had the opportunity to talk with a swimsuit model, who was returning from a shoot south of the border.

As our conversation progressed to being a successful model she laughed and said, “I’m an overnight success and it only took me ten years,” she smiled and laughed again.  From that point on we talked about the road to success, the ups and downs of the modeling world, the hard work and dedication, photo shoots and the like.  It was both an enlightening and enjoyable conversation.

When we seek success it a takes not only our mental and creative abilities, it also includes the physical effort we put forth: the  long hours, days filled with research and development, phone calls, texts, e-mails, letters, driving to meet with investors (banks), manufacturers, and perhaps shedding some tears.   We learn to deal with frustration, the importance of stepping back to breathe, re-evaluate, REST, and staying healthy-on all levels.  Success demands that we take time to renew ourselves mentally, see our vision of success in a new light, do our daily meditation and affirmations to keep us focused and open to new avenues for achieving our success.  Being open-minded is essential, for there is more than one way to a successful and prosperous life.  

We have dedicated ourselves to being successful which entails being able to change up the thought process when necessary and being steadfast in our belief in ourselves and our venture, even when things seem the darkest.

It is important for us to keep focused on our goal(s), keep our thoughts and vision on a positive note, watch the self-talk for any negative comments we may be making to ourselves and viewing the obstacles along the way as teachers from which we learn what does not work and what does work and the new ideas, beliefs and concepts we can glean from this particular experience.

You are the success you dream of…Jay

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