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Today’s Positive Thought

Zen   Today’s Positive Thought is by Lao Tze.

“Silence is a source of great strength.”

Business Strategy

   I have been listening to a business strategy meeting that is filled with confusion.

Where did this confusion come from?  From being scattered, loss of focus of the goal/end result, not listening to their intuition and just plain not listening to each other. 

What amazed me is, these are well-educated business people who have lost focus and are in the midst of a mental maze that is going nowhere fast, entering the never-ending circle of confusion. 

Should we find ourselves in this type of situation we need to step back, take a couple of deep breaths, clear our heads and proceed with focus, clarity of thought and listen.  At times, easier said than done.  

 Three points to remember:

1.  Have clarity in your thinking before entering the meeting.  

     Being clear in our thinking and level-headed is a big plus in our favor when at a strategy meeting.

2. Focus on the goal(s), the end result. 

      When we are focused and open to new ideas and ways of achieving the goal(s), flexibility, there is an order in our             thought process which allows us a clarity to move forward in a more succinct manner.

 3.  Listen.  The key to achieving a goal in a group is listening!   

       Everyone likes to share their ideas on how to achieve the end result.  Listen to the ideas being shared and see if they are viable as is or in need of modification to achieve a successful result. 

      Many have found listening to their intuition in such matters has reaped great rewards.

Continued Success In All Your Endeavors.


Our Success

Our success is in living life.  It is in living with a positive attitude and foresight.

Our success is in being focused. In having a clear vision of our goals and where we are going.  If we need a clearer vision of our goals and where we desire to go in life, we can use either or both visualization techniques and meditation to help us center and afford us the opportunity to fine tune or set new goals.  Sometimes in our fine tuning we see, that, we are stubbornly holding on to some “thought or belief”  that is hampering our forward movement which can necessitate the replacing of the goal or merely recalibrating our thought/belief to be more in line with our ambition without being mulish about it.

Our success is in being open to new ideas, in new ways of doing things, it is about being flexible in life, thought and action/deed.  Not everything in life is black and white or blatantly obvious.  It is the varying shades in-between that color our life , that make us who we are, that gives us our character and unique successes , it colors our ambition to be all we can and to be successful in what we have chosen to do with our life.  There is no standing idly by waiting for success to suddenly appear in our life or drop into our lap as we sit in our easy chair or on the sofa while watching television. Write down or create a treasure map of where you see yourself, use positive wording, write in the present tense and make use of colorful pictures for impressing your mind.  Success is not difficult.  It is only our perception and belief of how hard we want to make it.  Success is a fun adventure; it is filled with thrills and chills, warmth and color, with passion and enthusiasm, with tears-some of sadness in the letting go and some of joy and happiness in the welcoming in.

When we know and affirm that we always meet the right people at the right time and right place, it happens.

When we believe and affirm we are always in the right place at the right time, it happens.

When we believe and affirm that the right “things” appear in our life at the right time for our benefit, they do.

Success is in knowing that so-called chance meetings bring success to both us and the others involved. 

Success is in listening and heeding our intutiion.

When we know and accept that life has been and is always for us, then,changes appear in our experiences. 

The power of our success is in the power of our thoughts and beliefs.  It is in gaining new perceptions and new concepts about living and life.  It is up to us to be open to life and all that is now and always has been ready to bestow upon us for a better and greater life of success, prosperity, health, wealth and well-being.

Our success is in being us; for all our faults and foibles. 

Grow, change, fine tune, appreciate yourself for you, for your talents and abilities, above all, for the uniquely successful character you are.

Success, and all that perks that come with it,  is knocking, open the door and welcome it into your life and affairs.


The world is your cookie. Create it! ™

Are You Listening?

   Are you listening? 

We have all encountered times when there is a need to talk to someone about something.  We just need an ear for someone to listen to us…but we may encounter interruptions, interjections and unsolicited advice.   When this happens in our time of need we can be devastated, upset, frustrated, or just numb at the insensitivity of the person we chose to listen to the situation that is causing internal conflict.

This is not the only time we may meet with this non-listening situation…it can happen anywhere; a store employee, cashier, waiter/waitress, friend, family member, co-worker, boss, etc.  It can be very frustrating when this occurs and may irk us a bit, that, not only is the person not listening they do not understand what it is we are conveying to them concerning…  There are times we just want to scream, “Listen to what I am saying!”

The important part of any relationship; be it with ourselves, a loved one, a temporary encounter, or permanent relationship, is listening to what is being said and allowing the other person the courtesy of listening without coloring the thoughts being presented with any of our own prejudices or beliefs.  

Listening is an art.   When we can listen to someone without forming judgments or trying to influence them with what we believe they should do we have begun to master the art of listening.

A key to moving ahead in life is listening.  Listening to our self-talk, and taking corrective measures when we are putting ourselves down, doubting our abilities and our talents, giving power to a fear by repetition of a phrase and what we say about ourselves in conversations with others is vital to improving our life.  As we listen to ourselves there has to be no judgment but realization of a specific area of our life that we need to improve.  If we call ourselves, “stupid, idiot” or other derogatory names time to stop and take control of how we relate to our-self.  Taking stock in our positives life improves in bits and pieces and grows into leaps and bounds.  Take time to stop and listen to all conversations, with yourself and others, you will be surprised what you learn.

In the meantime, affirm your great qualities and abilities to achieve to whatever level in life you so choose.  Listen and listen well for this will take you further than you can ever imagine.

I hear you and I am listening!


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