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What A Month

Hi Everyone,

What a month it has been.  We had emergency room visits, were rear ended and sideswiped,  doctor appointments, hospital visits, surgery and being a caregiver (still am) and all this within the first few weeks of the month. It has bee a full month of unexpected events.  We are looking forward to June being a quiet and sedate month for us.

Though it has been a rough month in many ways and taxing at times it has strengthened my resolve in staying positive and focused as much as possible, through all these ordeals, on being in the moment and not giving away my power to worry or upset.  As the saying goes, “When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.”  But what is life without the bittersweet moments so, that, when we encounter those wonderful, joyous, happy moments we can savor their sweetness in their entirety with a smile on our face.  

Time to get back on the creativity train and writing posts and articles.

Have A Great Day.

   Jay ,

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