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Today’s Positive Thought

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Today I want to share with you a few Proverbs.

This one concerns the power of our words, thoughts, and that we experience what we state as the truth of our being.

“A man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruits of his mouth; and with the fruits of his lips shall he be filled.”

Ever notice how our attitude affects our well-being?

“A merry heart makes the body healthy; but a broken spirit dries up the bones.”

Wisdom and Understanding are keys to living a better life.

“Wisdom is the principal thing: therefore get wisdom; and with all your substance get understanding.”

 “A wise man will listen and will increase learning: and a man of understanding shall attain to leadership.”

The above are from The Proverbs.

And new one: “Be careful what you wish for because you just may get it.”

Have a great day!


The Number 1, By Lenay, Guest Column

  Have you ever run across a person who is an outstanding athlete and probably a leader in other areas, like Class President?  This is a person who wants to win, has physical strength and puts himself or herself out ahead of others.  This is the pioneer, the explorer, the creative individual who always pushes for more, and the person who seems to be out there ahead of others.

This person really doesn’t like to work under others but is more comfortable calling the shots, so often owns their own business or is in charge of projects.  Sometimes aggressive, often assertive this individual may even be domineering or have to deal with ego.  But this description epitomizes a leader.  We need them.  We want them, and we have them in the individual with a number 1 prominent in their birth date or birth name.

What makes numerology so interesting is that many numbers converge to create the life pattern of an individual.  Some people may have a leadership number but have underlying major numbers that are more passive in which case the person will still be a leader but not on the level of one who has more assertive numbers in addition to the number 1.

That’s what is so wonderful about the human experience.  We are all unique and our experiences create the canvas of our life.  We ultimately are in charge of our own painting.

To see if your birthday adds up to a number one simply add your month, day and year together and add the final digits together:  Take the date July 25, 2012.  That’s 7 plus 25 plus 5 which equals 37.  Add 3 plus 7 and you get 10.  1 plus zero is 1.  After many years of looking at numbers I also look carefully at the number 37 and I call this a 37/1 person.  You can see how wonderfully colorful we all are.

Lenay has been a numerologist and licensed hypnotherapist  for many years, for more information visit her website.  One of Lenay’s specialities is stress reduction.    http://www.psychicnumerologist.com

Blog address:  http://www.psychicnumerologist.com/numbers

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