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V Day 2  Rise and greet the day with love, laughter and a song in your heart.  It is a wonderful day to be you!!  Jay

Friday Thought

   Creative imagination creating endless opportuinities for success is what is going on in your life today.

May the activities of the day be filled with inspiration leading you to new to innovations in successful living. 


Time To Laugh

The time to laugh is now.  At times we forget to have a really good belly laugh. 

Laughter is healing, as Norman Cousins wrote in his book, Anatomy Of An Illness.

   When was the last time you laughed at joke, at something you did or saw, or to yourself about some faux pas you or someone else made?

We all have so much going on in our life that we may be consumed and preoccupied with situations/conditions that can stress us out.  Time to step back when we feel overwhelmed by “things” and laugh.  Laughter releases stress and other good things into our mind and body.  Laughing is good for us, it lightens the load.  Why not watch a comedy that makes you laugh, we all have our favorites, be it a movie or television series.  One favorite a friend has are reruns of Laugh In from decades ago with Rowan and Martin.  When I really need a laugh I pop in a favorite comedy movie or read George Carlin.      

A friend of ours is a stand up comedienne and has performed all over the country.  It is such a pleasure to be with her as she always has a joke to tell, points out some absurdity going on or comments on the ridiculousness going on in the world.  The smile on her face and her ability to make us smile and laugh is priceless.  A visit to her neck of the woods is something we look forward to and enjoy to the max.  I’m sure you have someone who brightens you up when you get together with their smile and joking around, etc.    

Taking care of yourself and being successful go hand in hand.  Laugh and enjoy the day as it will have a very positive and direct impact on your outlook, your dealings with others and your life.

“I will laugh at the world…And so long as I can laugh never will I be poor…Only with laughter and happiness can I truly become a success.  Only with laughter and happiness can I enjoy the fruits of my labor…To enjoy success I must have happiness and laughter…” Og Mandino   

Laughing is good medicine for the mind and the body.  Trust me.



Hello Sunday!  What a beautiful day. 

Perhaps you might want a treat and go to brunch or fix something uniquely delicious at home, whatever you choose enjoy it to the fullest. 

Wishing you the best and a day with laughter and jocularity.



   Today take time to laugh, to smile, to enjoy what you are doing with a light heart and don’t take things so seriously.  

Carpe Diem


A Weekend Thought

   A weekend thought. 

 Live your life with a joyful heart and an open mind.

Laugh and enjoy the incongruities of life, what else is there???

Love is a powerful emotion so let yourself be filled with unconditional love for yourself and others.

Live in the now, the present moment, create a wonderful future and a memorable past.

Laugh at yourself, laugh with others and never take yourself so seriously that it blocks the flow of happiness and joy.

Love yourself and that which you desire to experience in life.  Loving unconditionally makes all things possible, it is a magnet that draws to you what is in your heart and mind.

May your weekend and life be filled with laughter, love, and joy.


Today’s Positive Thought

   Today’s Positive Thought is by Emmet Fox.

“Cultivate a sense of humor.  Look for the funny side of everything.  It is always there, and will help you to meet any situation.  Laugh at yourself at least once before ten o’clock every morning.”

For The Weekend

   For the weekend take time to: laugh at yourself, smile to the world, see the joy around you, create a happy moment, do something unexpected for someone-a random act of kindness, allow yourself to enjoy the wonders of  life that are swirling around you.

Celebrate You With Love, Laughter, Joy and Happiness.

Through this wonderful playtime you will discover a richer and happier life.

Have A Bit Of Fun With Life!


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