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Today’s Positive Thought

   Today’s Positive Thought is by Dr. Venice Bloodworth.

“Mental attitudes more than mental capacities cause our success or our failure.”

Today’s Positive Thought

   Today’s Positive Thought is by Dr. Venice Bloodworth from her book, Key To Yourself.

“…EVERY WORD YOU SPEAK IS A WORD OF POWER IN EXACT ACCORD WITH YOUR OWN CONSCIOUS POWER.  Develop your knowledge of your power and WATCH YOUR AFFIRMATIONS COME TRUE, not only for yourself for others whom you wish to help.”

Your Nighttime Affirmation

    Your Nighttime Affirmation

We know that our minds are impressionable, especially when we go to bed.  It is at this time we can  use affirmations to help us along the pathway of  success.    

Using affirmations during the day and at bedtime is important as we move forward in success. Affirmations help us to impregnate our mind with positive uplifting thoughts, especially after a rough day.  It helps to relieve worry and if we should wake up in the middle of the night and still be worried or upset we continue with positive affirmation(s) to put our mind at ease, create a new point of focus and relax.  Bedtime is a time to affirm and accept our success, prosperity, peace of mind, right knowing and action in any situation, money, health, self-confidence and the like.  It is in this vein that I share the following thought and after thoughts.

While doing a bit of research the following affirmation by Dr. Venice Bloodworth, author of,  Key To Yourself, caught my eye.

“I am healthy, strong, young, powerful, loving, harmonious, successful and happy.”

You can also add or substitute the following words: prosperous, wealthy, money magnet,  joyful, calm, self-confident, vibrant, worthy, self-accepting, creative, filled with new ideas to move forward successfully in life.  I am sure you get the idea of what you can add to make the above affirmation your own.

Throughout the day affirm you are guided to the right people, places and things at the right time for your success.  

Take time to honor yourself and lift your thoughts above the mundane, affirm your life of success.

You are worthy of the highest and best life has to offer, always!

Continued Successful Living, 

Jay The Baker

This is a recipe for a successful mindset, your nighttime affirmation.

Today’s Positive Thought

    Today’s Positive Thought is by Dr. Venice Bloodworth from her book, Key To Yourself.

“Have faith in your inherent power to achieve, it is faith in yourself that attracts success.  If you do not limit your capacities they will have no limit…Our mental attitude is the magnet that draws to us everything we used to bring our desires into being.”

I have a deep and abiding faith in myself and my success in living life.  I am grateful.

The Law Of Attraction

  The law of attraction is always at work in our lives, drawing to us that which we have defined ourself as and identified with.  In order to change our experiences for the better there needs to be a willingness to actually want to change. This has to be our decision.  We are, quite simply, mental magnets.  What we give our attention to and believe enters into our life, i.e. people, conditions, situations, etc.  

Change takes determination, the determination to change/eradicate our negative thoughts and beliefs concerning us and our world, then, replacing them with positive constructive thoughts/ beliefs.  All around is the beauty and bounty of  life waiting for us to see that our life is not only beautiful and worthwhile but filled with an unlimited abundance of whatever we need.  There is more than enough for everyone.  We are magnificent and have the power and ability to change our life course.  All change begins and ends in our mind. 

Change is unique and it requires understanding that whatever we give our attention to mentally, no matter what we say outwardly, enters into our life.  If we focus on lack and limitation then we will have even more enter our life. No matter what, we must have faith in ourselves that we can turn our life around for the better.  It is time to truly utilize our mind for our betterment.

For the past few days you have been reading about the power of the subconscious aspect of our mind in Today’s Positive Thought.  Dr. Venice Bloodworth, a psychologist, wrote, “Thinking is the true business of life…The outstanding figures of tomorrow are the creative and constructive thinkers of today.”  Time to kick in constructive thinking about ourself to become an outstanding example of a life of success and achievement. We all build our life from within out, by our thoughts.  Subtle and invisible as our thoughts may be they do pack a wallop.  Dr. Bloodworth wrote, “…conditions are but the outward manifestations of thought; as thought changes, all conditions must change in order to be in harmony with their creator, which is thought.” 

It doesn’t matter what our present life experiences or conditions may be, it is up to each of us to change it and create the future we desire to live.  Money, health, relationships, success, prosperity are all within our grasp, in fact, they are swirling ’round about us waiting for us to reach out and welcome them into our life.  Take a moment today to welcome into your life that which you desire to experience and give thanks that it is in your life now.  This is a step to altering/changing your life course.  Time to give up being tired of the same old, same old experiences and bring forth new and exciting expressions of life and living.  You are endowed the power and ability to make it so, use it to not only increase your good but the good of the world around you.  Believe in your ability to have a better life of your choosing, change your thought, change your life. 

Today recognize that which you desire is merely waiting for a warm handshake and welcoming into your life, utilize the Law of Attraction by becoming a mental magnet for the good you desire.

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