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Today’s Positive Thought

Accomplishment   Today’s Positive Thought is by Florence Scovel Shinn.

“There is nothing too great of accomplishment for the man who knows the power of his word, and who follows his intuitive leads.”

The Spirit Of It

The following quote , Entering Into The Spirit Of It, is by Thomas Troward from his book, The Hidden Power. 

“Entering into the spirit of it.”  What a common expression!  And yet how much it really means, how absolutely everything.  We enter into the spirit of an undertaking, into the spirit of a movement, into the spirit of an author, even into the spirit of a game; and it makes all the difference both to us and to that which we enter.  A game without any spirit is a poor affair; and association in which there is no spirit falls to pieces; and a spiritless undertaking is sure to be a failure.  On the other hand, the book which is meaningless to the unsympathising reader is full of life and suggestion to the one who enters into the spirit of the writer; the man who enters into the spirit of the music finds a spring of refreshment in some fine recital which is entirely missed by the cold critic who comes only to judge according to the standard of a rigid rule; and so on in every case that we can think of.  If we do not enter the spirit of a thing, it has no invigorating effect upon us, and we regard it as dull, insipid and worthless.  This is dour everyday experience, and these are the words in which we express it.  And the words are well chosen.  They show our intuitive recognition of the spirit as the fundamental reality in everything, however small or however great.  Let us be right as to the spirit of a thing, and everything else will successfully follow.

Creative Way

   Let your creative imagination lead you into a new and wonderful creative way of self-expression and success.  Listen to your intuitive self and allow your creative nature to come forth to help in resolving issues in living life more successfully.

You have talent and ability.  You are creative.  You are determined and you are enthusiastic in attaining your goals.  Great going!

Continued Success,



  Life is filled with limitless opportunities for each of us. 

When opportunity knocks, open the door; invite the opportunity in and follow your intuitive “hunches” as you move forward into experiencing the new avenues of success.

You have the power!


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