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Today’s Positive Thought

Rainbow   Today’s Positive Thought is by Charles R. Brown.

“We are not hen’s eggs, or bananas, or clothespins, to be counted off by the dozen.  Down to the last detail we are all different.  Everyone has his own fingerprints.  Recognize and rejoice in that endless variety.  The white light of the divine purpose streams down from heaven to be broken up by those human prisms into all the colors of the rainbow.  Take your own color in the pattern and be just that.”

Today’s Positive Thought

Today’s Positive Thought is by H.L. Mencken.

“We are here now.  Further than that, all human knowledge is moonshine.”

Midweek Thought

   The midweek thought is by Dr. R.C. Barker.

“You are a creative human being. Never forget this.”

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