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Today’s Positive Thought


Reach For The StarsToday’s Positive Thought is by Jay.

Yesterday is non-existent, so let it go and all that came with it. 

Tomorrow is yet to be, it is in the future so don’t worry about it.

Today is here and now.  Use the day, this present moment, to create your day and a better tomorrow. 

The life we live is a creation from thoughts, beliefs, and concepts we embrace. Let go those old  thoughts, beliefs and concepts that are no longer benefiting our life and embrace new and more beneficial/prosperous/successful ones.

Time for all of us to give up the “rut” and move onto the highway of life to our successes right now. 


One Goal

   Today the positive thought was about goal-setting.  Take a moment and affirm one goal as now being in your lifeAccept It, See It, Believe It and give thanks for it being your life here and now. 

When setting goals in the present tense we are building up the menatl equivalent and begin setting in action those invisible forces to attract those people, places and things to appear in our life for the achievement of said goal.

Your goal is now accomplished and I rejoice in your success.  Jay

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