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Just For A Minute…

Just For A Minute…

By: Jay

Just for a minute…see yourself where you want to be.

Just for a minute…know and accept that you are successful in living your life.

Just for a minute…Visualize yourself enjoying the fruits of your success.  Embrace it and carry that feeling with you.

Just for a minute…be grateful for all that is in your life and all the good that continually enters your life.

Just for a minute…know that the right people, places and things are drawn into your life and that you are drawn to the right people, places and things at the right time to benefit all involved.

Just for a minute.




Today’s Positive Thought

Butterfly Sparkle   Today’s Positive Thought is by Ernest Holmes.

“The room is warm and cheerful–The table is laid and the fruits of Life are spread before thee—All, all is yours and you are welcome.”

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