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Success? Failure?

Thinking   Success?  Failure?

Which are you afraid of and why?   This was a topic of conversation with other writers and speakers.

Your answer will give you the reason and lead you forward.  If we can face this fear we can move forward to better living and well-being.  There is no time limit on this, you will do it when you are ready and committed to removing this fear from your thoughts, beliefs and self-concept.


I Want Success

   I want success.  A first and crucial step in success attainment.

Second, is defining what “success” means to us and knowing what area we want to succeed in. To define and to know are important in our moving forward.

Success is different things to different people.  Each of us has our own definitions of success. 

A short side note.  When I came home from the hospital, after a full respiratory arrest, success to me meant breathing better and having the physical stamina to move around without tiring out easily during the day.  I achieved those success goals.  From that point on I set goals for my health and well-being.  I was never without a goal and was motivated to achieve these goals and others.  And so, ten months later I still have my physical and creative goals, taking the steps necessary to achieve them in my personal and professional life. If it was not for goals that made me stretch I would not be where I am today.

Success is not merely about; money, material things, riches and the like.  Success is relative to our needs, wants and desires.  That is why it is so important that we define success for ourselves, and not let anyone else do it for us-we are the only ones that can define success.  To set goals to aspire to is our responsibility, ours alone.  These goals need to make us stretch and be realistic, not made to be unattainable, which plays into the fear of success.

In wanting success we can opt for more than one specific area.  We have both a personal and professional life.  Setting our sites on better life experiences in both is important for our overall well-being.  Our personal and professional lives are intertwined.  Creative ideas for one can come from the other, thus, new input helps us modify our goal attainment for success.  We should never be so focused on one that we are unaware of the other. 

Wanting something and “wanting something” are two different things.  A cup of coffee, a stick of gum, a steak, a real Caesar salad, a decadent dessert are examples of wanting something; extremely immediate goals but goals nonetheless.  They are easily attainable.

“Wanting something” that is urging us forward is the force that motivates us to succeed and achieve short, medium and long-range goals.

Once we have set our success direction we have laid our foundation.  This is the foundation from which we step, leap and bound toward our goals; learning as we travel on the road to our success. 

Success becomes you. Identifying with, visualizing, and accepting your success as here and now you are setting up a mental equivalent and the law of attraction for this specific success in your life. The want has now become the belief.

There is more, but for now I wanted to share these basics.  Jay

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