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Today’s Positive Thought

Reach For The Stars Today’s Positive Thought is by Dr. Jack Addington.

“I have a consciousness of success and abundance.  I can envision myself no other way and so I attract success.”

Today’s Positive Thought

Ladder Upward   Today’s Positive Thought is by Dr. Jack Addington.

“Everyone is endowed with creative imagination.  Creative imagination is using imagination creatively to envision that which we want in life instead of what we do not want.”

My World

   My world.  A tagline I use for PCA  is, The World Is Your Cookie. Create It!(tm)

Take a moment while sipping on your beverage and daydream, envision, visualize, the world you want to create for yourself.  Using our imagination is a key to setting up a mental mould for the subconscious to fill and bring forth the desired result into our life. 

We move forward in life not by what we want but by what we believe

Put your creative imagination to work for you.  If writing down your desire works, do it.  If drawing or taking a photo of something that represents what you are going after, do it.  Create something for yourself that will remind you where you are going and be thankful that it is in your life now.  Believe in yourself.  You know and I know you and I worthy of success in life.  Worthy of experiencing our dreams come true; worthy of our success.  Today, make good use of your creative imagination and create in your mind’s eye the truth of you and your world, which is success on all levels of being, personal and professional. NOW IS THE TIME TO CLAIM YOUR SUCCESS. You are worthy of the highest and the best life has to offer, and that my friend, is the Truth. 

Today is your day and I rejoice in your continued success.


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