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Today’s Positive Thought

Change2   Today’s Positive Thought is by Dr. R. C. Barker.

“Use your imagination to keep your thinking on course.  It will always go in the direction you give it.  You are the authority that determines your ways of thinking.  Be that authority.”

Today’s Positive Thought

Reach For The StarsToday’s Positive Thought is by, Ernest Holmes.

“It is the office of the will to determine that which the imagination is to respond.”

Today’s Positive Thought

Thought Mind   Today’s Positive Thought is by Dr. R.C. Barker.

“You are a creative human being.  Never forget this…You determine your own future…You are free to be a positive, creative person who has decided where you are going in life and uses the right-thinking method to attain your goals.”

Think of the conscious mind as the director and the subconscious mind as the actor.    Our conscious mind is always giving our subconscious mind a direction to follow, which it does without question.  What one believes with feeling and enthusiasm and does not doubt can come to pass.  Jay

Today’s Positive Thought

Zen   Today’s Positive Tthought is by Mark Victor Hansen.

“Your belief determines your action and your action determines your results, but first you have to believe.”

Today’s Positive Thought

Today’s Positive Thought is by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

“So to overcome obstacles and live the ‘I don’t believe in defeat’ philosophy, cultivate a positive-idea pattern deeply in your consciousness.  What we do with obstacles is directly determined by our mental attitude.”

A Quick Thought

   A quick thought is by P.J. Wengate.

“Live in the now, think in the now, and act in the now.  It is the present that should always determine the past, never the past that should determine our present.  Tomorrow is only an extension of today, tomorrow can never be any better until we are better now, today.”

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