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Today’s Positive Thought

My World   Today’s Positive Thought is by Jay.

Life is too short to be stuck in limited thinking and believing.  Why not let your imagination run wild and deliever to you new and vital ideas to pursue.  Can’t hurt and you’ll never say to yourself, “If only…”

Dare To Imagine, Dare To Dream, Dare To Set New Goals and Venture into new ways of being and living a more interesting and successful life.  What the heck?  It is worth your trying.

Have a fantastic weekend!!




Lion 1   Dare is by Jay.

Dare to Dream.  Dare to Be.  Dare to make a current possibility a reality in your life today.

Within you is the power, talent and ability to bring forth new, exciting and rewarding life experiences.


Today’s Positive Thought

Forest   Today’s Positive Thought is by George Meredith. 

“Enter these enchanted woods,

You who dare.”

The enchanted woods can be our imagination which enchants us to move forward, for if we dare, we dare to succeed. Jay

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