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Today’s Positive Thought

Day Dream 2   Today’s Positive Thought is by Dr. Joseph Murphy.

“Men who are gifted with intuition and imagination find water in the desert, and they create cities where formerly other men  saw only a desert and a wilderness.”

Today’s Positive Thought

Ladder Upward   Today’s Positive Thought is by Dr. Jack Addington.

“Everyone is endowed with creative imagination.  Creative imagination is using imagination creatively to envision that which we want in life instead of what we do not want.”

Today’s Positive Thought

Day Dream 2   Today’s Positive Thought is by Dr. Jack Addington.

“Creative imagination forms the mold through which the creative process of life works to produce the manifest universe.  Whatever man can imagine, man can do.”

Today’s Positive Thought

Today’s Positive Thought is by Jay.

Today I use my creative imagination to visualize my success. 

Today I use my power of decision to decide on accepting and experiencing great successes in all areas of my life. 

Today I am a success and am grateful for it.

Shaping The Future

   I am shaping the future by reshaping my thoughts and beliefs for they are the clay of life that allows me to create the forms of unlimited successful and prosperous experiences.  If I do not like the current shape of my experiences I am free to change them and create a better now and a better future.

I am the artist in my life.  I shape it, and vibrantly color it, according to my progressive creative imagination which brings to me health, wealth, success, harmony, joy and all good prosperous things.  I use my imagination to give form to the clay of my thoughts and beliefs.  As I finish creating the thought form it is placed in the kiln of the Infinite to bring  it into my life.  I love working with the clay of my thoughts and beliefs to bring forth a new and wonderful life filled with experiences that take me forward and enhance my life and well-beingness.    

I am a creative artist and using the clay of my thoughts and beliefs I am now shaping my exciting and wonderful prosperous future.


Creative Way

   Let your creative imagination lead you into a new and wonderful creative way of self-expression and success.  Listen to your intuitive self and allow your creative nature to come forth to help in resolving issues in living life more successfully.

You have talent and ability.  You are creative.  You are determined and you are enthusiastic in attaining your goals.  Great going!

Continued Success,


Friday Thought

   Creative imagination creating endless opportuinities for success is what is going on in your life today.

May the activities of the day be filled with inspiration leading you to new to innovations in successful living. 


Today’s Positive Thought

   Today’s Positive Thought is by Napoleon Hill from his book, Thinnk & Grow Rich.

“The imagination is literally the workshop wherein are fashioned all plans created by man.  The impulse, the desire, is given shape, form, and action through the aid of the imagninative faculty of the mind.’

“The great leaders of business, industry, finance, and the great artists, musicians, poets, and writers became great, because they developed the faculty of creative imagination.”

Today’s Positive Thought

   Today’s Positive Thought is by Jack Addington.

“Creative imagination causes us to stretch, to venture into new areas of creativity.  Creative imagination keeps life interesting, opens the way for a wider horizon.”


As you take time to relax this day remember two things: 

  1. You are a treasure chest filled with great wonders.
  2. Your creative imagination carries you forward.  

Above all, take time to laugh and share that really nice smile of yours. 


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