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Today’s Positive Thought

Man Golden Key   Today’s Positive Thought is by Dr. R.C. Barker.

“Ideas stand at the filtering point of your consciousness waiting for your clarity in order to function in your consciousness and thereby appear in your world.”

Today’s Positive Thought

Open Hands   Today’s positive Thought is by Dr. R.C. Barker.

“When your word takes form…When your desire is given a subconscious mold and becomes objectified in your life, it is a demonstration.”  “A demonstration is a manifestation, a prayer answered.”

“Your experience is determined by your consciousness.  God is not waiting, life is already in action.  The thing you want, you already have, but you do not know it.  God believes you have it.”  (So should we.  Jay)

Today’s Positive Thought

Symbol   Today’s Positive Thought is by Ernest Holmes.

Each state of consciousness taps the same source but has a different receptivity.  Each receives what [they] ask for, according to [their] ability to embody…

Life always becomes to us the particular thing we need when we believe that It becomes to us that particular thing.


Today’s Positive Thought

Reach For The Stars Today’s Positive Thought is by Dr. Jack Addington.

“I have a consciousness of success and abundance.  I can envision myself no other way and so I attract success.”

Today’s Psoitive Thought

Hurdle  Today’s Positive Thought is by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

“So to overcome your obstacles and live the ‘I don’t believe in defeat’ philosophy, cultivate a positive-idea pattern deeply in your consciousness.  What we do with obstacles is directly determined by our mental attitude…”

Today’s Positive Thought

pca logoToday’s Positive Thought is by, Dr. Stuart Grayson.

“Ideas can change the direction of life, move the consciousness from despair to hope, to upward flight.  Ideas are power.”

Today’s Positive Thought

Circles   Today’s Positive Thought is by J. Sig Paulson.

“My growing consciousness of life is constantly delighting me with new ideas, new revelations of truth, and adventurous courses of action.”

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