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Today’s Positive Thought

KeyToday’s Positive Thought is by Neale Donald Walsh.

“A life lived of choice is a life of conscious action.”

Moving Through Fear

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By: Jay

Important for us to remember when we are going through tough times is to remain focused on the positive; and not to dwell upon the situation that can feed the fear and create more “stuff” in our life that is not helpful in resolving the situation to a positive conclusion.

When we give in to fear we are allowing “fear” to be in charge of the situation and not us.  Fear is not a conscious thing, we are.  Since we are conscious and self-aware beings with the power and ability to change our life for the better why do we forget this when our life experience is in turmoil?  The fear can be so overwhelming it becomes all-consuming, clouds our mind, fills us with doubt and “what ifs” that become our point of focus.  Having been there and experienced this fear I know how devastating it can be.  But it is in our pushing forward with determination, intent and purpose that we overcome the fear and bring light to a dark time in our life.

When I returned home after being in a drug induced coma, due to a respiratory arrest, fears popped up and were accompanied by “what ifs” on a daily basis.  These things occupied my mind throughout the day.  Once the effect of the drug used to keep me in a coma began to lessen I was determined to push myself forward.  This meant setting realistic goals.  Simple goals in the beginning and then more complex goals were set as the weeks, months and years went by. My one great fear was that I lost my ability to be creative, to be able to write and pursue other creative avenues that required me to use my mind in a variety of ways.  I had to face my fears one at a time, step by step, and be willing to take a break when “things” became overwhelming for me.  This blog is the result of one of the first goals I set.

Life is going to be what we make it.  What carries us forward in dark times?  It is being aware that we are conscious beings who have the power and ability to move forward in lifeIt is keeping focused on what we want not what we don’t want.  We move through the fear and send it back to the void from which it came by our determination, persistence, purpose and goal setting.  Giving our power away to non-living fear is not worth the consequences, as we all well know.  The power is ours to create the life we desire to live and express on a daily basis.

Live your life to the best of your ability.  Succeed to the level you desire.  Have an attitude of gratitude.  Recognize you are a valuable human-being endowed with special gifts and talents particular to you to succeed in expressing Life Itself as you.  You are and there is no question about it!



Today’s Positive Thought

Zen   Today’s Positive Thought is by Drs. Jack and Cornelia Addington.

“What is the creative process and how does it work?”

“The subconscious mind responds to conscious direction.  Therefore, that which you contemplate becomes the law of your being and is brought forth into manifestation.  You do not have to do anything about it except let go and let God create through you.  You do not make the wheat grow, you only plant the seed.  You do not build your body but you plant the thought seed.”

Today’s Positive Thought

Sunrise   Today’s Positive Thought is by Deepak Chopra.

“When the mind is peaceful, inner energies wake-up and work miracles for us–without any conscious effort on our part.”

Keep The Idea Secret

The surest way to kill an idea is to talk about it, keep the idea secret.

When we are developing something new, acting upon an inspirational idea, we need to nourish it in our minds and begin the development of it in a positive receptive soil of thought.  Just as one writes, designs, builds, paints, and the like we begin with an idea, an inspiration that moves us to create it in this world of ours.  So, it is in our best interest to keep it to ourselves until the project is completed, at that point the world will know what we have accomplished, our idea in form.       

If you are in the process of creating your inspiration don’t shout to the world, “Look at what I am going to do.”  Keep it to yourself and work on the idea until you are ready to present it as a finished product.  Sometimes when we tell others of what we want to accomplish our idea, our inspiration, can be met with a barrage of negativity which in turn can put a damper on us and our idea.  At a function, some years ago, a conversation focused on people stealing other people’s ideas.  One person cited; the most vocal anti-idea person, who presented a rational argument as why it wouldn’t work, stole the idea and made a killing on it.  To rework an old saying, “Loose lips sink ideas.”

Keep the idea secret.  If you do need to share your inspiration do so with someone who you can trust.  Should you encounter negativity along the way persevere, keep on track and stay focused. 

Can you imagine what would what have happened if the world’s greatest and creative gave up because they believed someone who told them it couldn’t be done?  So, my friend, why give up?  Give it your best shot and go for the gold.  Remember Edison had many failures before perfecting the light bulb, perseverance pays off.  An old saying seems to be appropriate, Keep On Truckin’.  Keep moving forward and listen to your intuition in developing and bringing your idea to life. 

The secret is the secret to your success.  Keep your mind open to doing something a new way, keep your eyes open to see something new, keep your ears open to listen as you will no doubt hear something that will help your idea come into fruition. Listen, listen, listen to your intuition!!  I cannot emphasize this enough.

Keep the idea secret.  Fertilize it with constructive, positive thoughts and beliefs.  Reformulate and re-create the idea until it is where it needs to be.  Keep the creative energy high and in gear, be open to the new, be innovative, be you.

Be successful and be you.  You are a creative and innovative individual so never, ever, discount yourself. Success is you, claim it, accept it and begin new journeys into successful living and creating for the pleasure of giving birth to a new idea.

You are wonderful and wonderfully successful! 



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