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Coff CrescecntHave a Fantastic weekend!  Be it celebrating with friends, going out for breakfast, off to the movies or theatre later in the day  or just lazing around, enjoy yourself and all the activities of the day.

Sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a cup of cofffe or tea, reading the paper and planning the day with a joyful heart is the beginning of a great day!



Today’s Positive Thought

Stage      Movie Camera      Today’s Positive Thought is by TDL.

“Ya know, like I tell myself in da mornin’ over cawffee and munchin’ on a Taylor ham and egg on a hard roll: Get your act together, learn your lines, listen and get behind the character you’re playing, their backstory, ’cause in the long run its you.”

Thoughts & Words

Mug   Morning All,

Today while I was having coffee at one of favorite places met up with a gentleman I know and shared ideas, like we usually do.

Today’s topic was belief and the power of thoughts, words and visualization.  As we are from different philosophical backgrounds we share many of the same positive ideas but use different verbage to describe the same ideas/beliefs.

We share the belief that there is power in our thoughts and the spoken word and when accompanied by visualization they become more powerful.  Our thoughts produce action in the invisible world of causation, be we aware of it or not, as do our spoken words…thus we are always setting up an invisible cause for a visible effect.  The old adage of “be careful what you wish for” also extends to our thoughts and words.  Do we really want what we are thinking or saying?  Yes, we can say, “keep a guard at the doorway of our thoughts” and “engage brain before speaking”…but, as we all know, that is not always the case.  Ah, the joy of the not so wonderful learning experience.

If you and I wish to change the direction, course, our life is on we should be aware, as much as possible, of what we are promoting for our life in our silent self-talk, what we dwell on in our mind, what we say about the world, others, ourselves and most of all, how we see our life moving forward.  Life will always take us at our own valuation, our self-image.  In order to be more, we need to change those thoughts and ideas that are creating unhappy experiences of lack and limitation in our life.  It is up to us to change the course and begin to eradicate those thoughts, beliefs and words, the adjectives, we use concerning our life.

Focus on the positive, see a bright and happy tomorrow in your mind, experience it and claim it as yours here and now. Visualize that bright future and let it bring a smile to your face and a beacon of light into your mind disappating that which is no longer needed nor wanted.

Having experienced some unique life changing and altering events, as have many others, one must persevere and move forward in a positive manner no matter what the odds.  Was it an overnight change?  No, it was gradual and took time for me to rise and shine but if a step backward occured it was okay and learning from it moved forward again and again.

Life is what we make it, so let yours be WONDERFUL AND WONDER-FILLED.



Have a wonderful Sunday morning, sit back relax with your favorite hot beverage and let the day unfold into a bright and lovely experience of life.


   Morning All!

Enjoy the morning and create some new memories that bring a smile to your face.



   Wishing you a Sunday filled with good things and new experiences of love, joy and happiness.

Enjoy the Sunday paper and cup of coffee or tea before jumping into the day.

Carpe Diem.


I Create The Life I Desire – Part 1 of 2

  Today I choose to create my new life. 

I create new beginnings and new opportunities for my advancement in life; continually renewing my mind with positive uplifting thoughts to reveal new pathways for wonderful successes in life. 

Opportunities are all around us.  When we are in a positive frame of mind and open to newness our vision expands enabling us to see the opportunities before us and allows us to act on them or not.  Opportunity is always knocking at our door, but, it requires us to take action on it; knock on doors, attend networking functions, make calls, send e-mails or letters, meet with someone over coffee or invite someone to lunch to discuss our product/idea/talent/ability, or a thing we call, “a chance meeting,” which is really an effect from changing our thoughts, ideas, beliefs concerning the situation.  If we are in a query about an opportunity best to step back, look at it and follow our intuitive lead.  Do not rush things into existence. The more we push to make something happen the more likely it is to fall apart.  Let things unfold naturally; this does not mean no action. A bit of Zen, it is in our inaction that action exists, it allows us to look, listen and learn from what is going on around us; which can be a key to taking a profitable and successful detour.

I create today the life I desire by the renewing of my mind and by loving and accepting myself unconditionally.

When we feel good about ourselves it radiates to the world around us as self-confidence and self-worth; it then follows that we are drawn to the people, places and things from which an opportunity or opportunities are born.  Loving ourselves and accepting ourselves for who we are makes us confident in our dealings with others.  It is what we think about ourselves that is important sans egotism. When we are secure in ourselves we have a wonderful self-perception that no one can blot out.

I create a new life of health, wealth, money, harmony, well-being, success, prosperity, abundance and bountiful good.

Our attitude toward our life and situation is extremely important.  In order to move forward into the life we desire it requires us to know we are, here and now, worthy of good health, wealth, as much money as we can conceive of as being in our life, well-being in all areas of our life, being as successful and prosperous as we desire. We are the only ones who can decide on how much of any good thing is to be in our life.  It cannot be that of another…each of us must follow our own inner drive to the life we desire to live.  As we experience life it is always good to listen to information shared by others and utilize that which we can…never pooh, pooh an idea for it just may be the catalyst to greater opportunities for success.

This concludes Part 1 of 2

 I Create The Life I Desire – Part 2 of 2 

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