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The Stage

   Ah, the stage and screen.  Having had the opportunity to meet  a couple of well-known entertainers from years gone by and discuss how they became successful was an insightful experience.  What I learned was the importance of perseverance and the cultivation of your craft, be it acting or business or another creative endeavor.  Needless to say, a positive attitude was very helpful and part of their success.   

At a conference, I met a well-known character actress who was starring in a sitcom.  When I asked how she became so successful she laughed.  We sat down and began talking. She talked about how in NYC she was a member of a small group of  actors and actresses who first starting out would meet once a week and talk about shows, auditions, etc. The purpose of the meeting was to affirm each as a success in the industry and in high demand.  Some got roles on B’way, a commercial, a cameo or role in a series on television.  All through their meetings never was there any talk of not making it, the focus was on success.  They continued to meet until some moved to Hollywood or became a mainstay on B’way.  Always in contact theycredited how important and supportive their weekly meetings were in getting them jobs and notoriety. What was their secret?  It was coming together as a group and affirming their success, each affirming for everyone their success in the business. Never doubting that they would be successful.

I had the opportunity to know, for a number of years, a successful business woman. During the Depression when she or another family member was in need of a job they all went to a well-known, albeit expensive, restaurant and celebrated that the one who wanted the job had obtained it.  The next day or two sure enough they got the job. 

During my life I have been graced with opportunities to meet and know a variety of well-known figures, they were humble and never bragged.  Each was successful in their own right.  Some came up the ladder, others  from prominent families who made it on their own.  Their desire was not only to be successful but to give to others and see them succeed.  

If you or someone you know is going though a tough time suggest coming together and affirm the goal of success in whatever is needed; somehow and someway it will come to pass.  Always know for yourself your success in life and in the field you have chosen.  Life will always honor you at your own valuation.   

Shakespeare wrote, and I paraphrase, All the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players…  Well, begin acting the part of a successful individual.  You never know who you will meet or the opportunities that will be presented. If you believe in you so will others. 

Ok people, quiet on the set.  Action.

Enter stage right,


Exit Stage Left.  In memory of Moki, Lucille, Bob, D.K. and all I knew in front and back of the camera. In memory of Frances and Millicent, two wonderful and forthright women.

New Crescent Roll Recipe

  Good Day Everyone, two new crescent roll recipes, for the sweet tooth and chocolate lovers.   Please line baking sheets with parchment paper as these creations are a bit sticky.

If you would like to have crescent rolls for a breakfast sweet, take rolls out of can unfold, sprinkle lightly with sugar and cinnamon, roll up and bake according to directions. 

Are you daring?  Take a small amount of a good baking chocolate, break into pieces,  put a couple of pieces at the wide end of the dough roll up and bake according to directions.  The baking chocolate I use is Scharffen Berger, 99% cacao dark unsweetened, there is a sweet version.

See the above page, Sweet Crescent Roll Recipe.  The page will remain up during the holidays

Enjoy The Holiday Celebrations,


Nut Cookie Recipe

As the holidays draw near there is a nut cookie recipe I have adapted from a 90 year old recipe. They are easy to make with minimal ingredients.  They can be made with pecans or walnuts.  See the page above. 

 Happy Holidays One & All,



Ginger Muffin Recipe

      Hello Everyone,

On the above page you find my special ginger muffin recipe.  It can also be made without sugar and gluten free.  I use Pamela’s Gluten Free Baking and Pancake Mix.  

Enjoy the upcoming holdiays. (Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas)

All My Best,


Basic Muffin Recipe

Look above for the Basic Muffin Recipe page.  This recipe can also be made gluten free with Pamela’s Gluten Free Baking and Pancake Mix.




Pumpkin Pie Filling Recipe Page

Hello Everyone,

I have added a page, look at top right, which has my recipe for pumpkin pie filling.

Enjoy and Thank You,


I appreciate you sharing this site with others!

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