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   Contrary.  I want to be contrary.  I want to be fictional rather than a non-fictional character.  I want a better life.  I want a different life.  I want….

Ok.  So, you don’t want to be the you you think you are.  You want to be who you really are, a unique and uniquely successful character, do I have that right?

Alright, then let us begin the journey into the world of make-believe or is it; haven’t quite figured that out yet.  Yep, imagination incorporated is now engaged in creating your new you, you dashing character you.  Did you bring your list to submit?  Have you definitely decided on the avenue you want to follow to this new you?  Are you now ready to discard the old clothes that cloaked your real you, your new you?  You know, that designer stuff really looks good on you, but I digress.  Back to the start.  Accept who you are and know you are okay just the way you are…gotta be okay where you are at in order to move forward into the new, well dressed, exciting you. 

Be contrary, be daring, fling yourself out into the new and different…recreate, redesign is the order of the day.  Find your character!

Time to utilize your fantastical imagination, ah what the heck, fantasize about the new life and new you and have a good time.  Laugh at the ridiculous, squeal with delight, let your imagination run wild and then pick out the stuff that is really important and set it up as a destination and see it completed in that unique and colorful imagination of yours.  Gotta have color and sparkles and bright shiny stuff, dress it up to the max and have a good time with it.  Then when all is said and done…let it go and be thankful that imaginative process has given your thought stuff to the ethers to carry to the great stuff maker and let it come to pass.  You notice I say, let…you have to release  those exciting imaginings and thoughts to that invisible maker and let it do what it does best, deliver on time and in ways you are not even aware of.  

Go for the gold you fictional non-fictional character you!

Enjoy the travels.


Baubles And Beads

Money & More

   Today’s positive thought by Dr. Venice Bloodworth concerns the ways that our good; wealth, prosperity, success, money and more can appear in our life.  


 Dr. Bloodworth  is referring to leaving all avenues open to receive our greater good in whatever form we are currently looking for/desire. 

It is about not limiting the avenues our supply of any particular thing can enter into our lives.  Not just money but success and prosperity in all their various forms.  There are many avenues to living and having a better life.  When we  believe there is only one way to better living we effectively cut off any other way  for us to accomplish our goals/desires.  There is always more than one way to achieve our end result and it may not be the way we currently think or believe it has to be.

Always keep your options open, keep an open mind to new and perhaps different ways of  successful living and achieving the end result.    Sometimes you never know what will catch your attention and lead you on a new path of discovery and awareness…perhaps even an avenue you never considered before.

Life is filled with surprises and so is the road to success and well-being.  Keep the doorway to successful living  and well-being open; and if you need to venture onto a new pathway to see where it leads keep your eyes, ears and mind open for new opportunities and ideas. 

 Enjoy the day and prosper in all your ways.  Jay

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