Positive Attitudes With A Baking Twist

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Today’s Positive Thought

Today’s Positive Thought is by Dr. Stuart Grayson from his book, The Ten Demandments of Prosperity.

“…you create your own world through your thoughts about life and about yourself.”

“Those who are clear in their thinking and affirmative in their minds find self-fulfillment.”

“…the positive, life affirming individual attracts like-minded people into his or her orbit.”

A Wednesday Thought

   A Wednesday thought is by Thomas Troward.

“We should aim not so much at having or making some particular thing as at expressing all that we are.  The expressing will grow out of realising the treasures that are ours already, and contemplating the beauty, the affirmative side, of all that we are now…leading us in wonderful ways to development of powers we never suspected, and the enjoyment of happiness that we never anticipated.”

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