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Inner Power

There is an old song titled, Accentuate The Positive.  It really is a catchy tune. 

When I think of this song I can’t help but think of the inner power each of us have to accentuate the positives in our lives.

When we decide to eliminate the negative thinking and believing and stop projecting negatives into our mind and our world we will be happier and more productive in pursuing our goals. 

Life is all to short to create negatives and the not so great situations.  I know, I am not Mr. Positive 100% of the time but when I catch myself being caught up in negatives I stop and correct the thinking.  Taking note of our thinking and speaking when we are expressing negatives is something we need to be aware of and be Johnny on the spot to correct the situation. 

“Mister In-between,” to me, symbolizes apathy…not positive, not negative, not nothin’, just there and oh, well…   Not the most exciting way to live life, for it is merely existing and “that’s all folks.”   

Living means participating in life. The more we participate the more we move forward with ideas and concepts which surpass our old way of thinking and propel us into more creativity for success.  

As we accentuate the positives in our life we transform into that which we desire to be and to experience.  In that is our success.

So for today; hum a happy tune, sing a song – even if it is off-key, smile and take the world by storm with your transformative powers.  Oh yeah, “and put on a happy face.”  

Today is yours, so enjoy it.


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