Positive Attitudes With A Baking Twist

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Sunday Thought

   You are the prefect representation of life.  You are prosperous, money is overflowing in your bank accounts and investments, you are healthy and successful, wealthy, filled with wisdom, joyous, happy, abundant and beautiful. For all that you are I give thanks.


Tuesday Idea

   The Tuesday Idea is by Jay.

Vision, Persistence, Determination are factors in success.  

Visualize yourself achieving and enjoying your goal.  The more we believe in and plant that vision in our subconscious and maintain it with a Positive Attitude coupled with Persistence and Determination we will see the realization of our goals.

“Life lies open to me, rich, full and abundant.”  Dr. R.C. Barker

For Lease

   We see “For Lease” signs all over, which got me thinking on how to make change less scary and less difficult to incorporate into our lives.

The words, “For Lease,” do not strike fear or trepidation into our hearts or minds.  Since we know and acknowledge that all thoughts are subject to change, temporary, why not lease a new thought/attitude on successful living.

I’ve opened a store that specializes in the leasing of new thoughts, attitudes, and concepts for success.  The payment is the old, tired, worn out ones which are no longer serving your best interest.

Step up ladies and gentlemen, new attitudes, thoughts, and concepts for lease.  Get yours today!  But wait, when you exchange the old ones you get a bonus pack of greater good at no extra cost.  No additional fees for shipping or handling.  Get yours today! No line, no waiting!

Thank you for visiting the New Attitude Store today.  What can I help you find?  Do browse; the shelves are labeled for your convenience and filled with an abundance of prosperity, success, wealth, joy, happiness, well-being and more.  There is an endless supply, so don’t worry about depleting the stock.

You’ll find the exchange desk to your right.  Please deposit the old attitudes, thoughts, beliefs and concepts into the provided circular file.

Below you’ll find the lease agreement.  Oh, by the way, did you know when you are done with these new attitudes you can trade them in for more new ones?  Wow, another unexpected bonus at no cost to you.  Depositing the old, tired, worn out “stuff” into the circular file constitutes payment in full.

I,____________________, do hereby freely and by own will exchange the below listed old, tired, worn out and non-productive, concepts , thoughts and beliefs:




For new invigorating, abundant and successful ones listed below:




Signed:_________________ on the _____ day of ______ in the year of ______.

These attitudes may be exchanged for new ones once their purpose has been fulfilled.

Received by: Jay The Baker on this date __________.

Enjoy the New Attitudes!  You look positively radiant!!

Have a nice day and thank you for shopping at the New Attitude Store.  We are open 24/7.


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